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12 ways to change your life in 2012

12 ways to change your life in 2012

2012 is the Year of the Dragon – a year of great energy, much opportunity and big possibilities. This is the year to think bigger than you ever have. This is the year to go for a quantum leap in your professional and personal life.

Whether you believe it’s the dawning of a new age and the planets are aligned for good fortune, 2012 is the year to make your breakthrough year. Here’s how:

1 Name your ‘impossible dream’. What’s the ‘wow!’ goal that, if you achieved it, would transform your life? Is there something you are willing to do anything to achieve which would involve masses of challenge and fun getting there?

2 Fire up your motivation. How important is it for you to create change? If you don’t, how will your life look six months from now? How does that feel? And, if you do create change, how might your life look six months from now? Excited, thrilled, terrified? You must be all of these – otherwise your motivation just isn’t firing enough.

3 Tell no one. Your big dream is sacred to you. It’s precious and delicate, especially in the early stages. Give it time to grow and get off the ground before allowing others to see it. Better to get on with the work of bringing it to life. Others will notice in time.

4 Get a mentor. This is one person to share your dreams and plans with is someone who will feed your morale, spur you on and believe in you when you don’t. Choose this person with great care as they will and should have great influence over you. Ensure they are living their own dream life.

5 Root out toxic friends. Who is shaping your thinking? Who is keeping you small or stamping on your dreams? Pinpoint your peer pressure and be discerning about who you give space to in your head. Have a clear-out if necessary and carefully select the people who are right for you, right now.

6 Enhance your integrity. You need to have the highest regard for yourself. How? By choosing to live up to principles you can be proud of. Monitor your behaviour so you can say, hand on heart, I like myself. Embodying principles that are beyond reproach will allow you to see and feel yourself to be someone of honour – and truly deserving of good things.

7 Think better. Choose to be the most creative and resourceful thinker you know. Train your brain to spot solutions faster than anyone, to see opportunities that are invisible to others, to find the gift in the garbage. It’s always there.

8 Meditate. Sitting in silence will allow you to hear your own internal knowing and build your intuitive wisdom. As a wise man said, ‘the busier I am, the more I need to meditate.’ and another, ‘empty vessels make most noise!’ Elegance and wisdom come from developing a strong internal source of calm and self-reliance. The more ambitious your plans, the stronger foundation you’ll need. Practice turning to yourself first before running to others.

9 Cultivate courage. The single most important quality you need in make your life amazing in 2012 is courage. Ask yourself, ‘where am I being cowardly in my life right now? If I replaced cowardice with courage, what change might that bring about?’ You’ll need courage to ask the question and courage to follow through.

10 Blame no one. Take 100% responsibility for the life you want to create. Blaming others from the past or present gives you the excuse to bottle out or play small. If it’s someone else’s fault that you can’t do or be all that you can be, you won’t even be trying. Everything that’s happened could make you the most creative, capable, resourceful and determined person you know. Couldn’t it? It could.

11 Upscale your earnings. The money is there right now in the opportunity that you are either not seeing or not acting on. Everything you need is already here and waiting for you to say ‘Yes!’ to the opportunity. Be more now to take advantage of the opportunity. Step into the shoes and fill the shoes of that bigger person. Say yes!

12 Make 2012 your breakthrough year. Take the decision, right now, that you will ensure that this is the year that takes your life to its next level. Do you need to alter the entire course of your life or simply make a few bold changes? You decide. But, whatever you do, make that decision. Remember, if you change nothing, nothing will change. To get a different result this year, you’ll have to think and act differently.

Fiona Harrold is the best selling author of seven books including Be Your Own Lifecoach and Reinvent Yourself. To discuss personal mentoring, email [email protected]. Her new club, My Breakthrough Year, begins on 31 January.