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14 festive tipples to make Christmas go with a bang

14 festive tipples to make Christmas go with a bang

A bottle of Reyka against an Icelandic backdrop

1 Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rose Ribbon Cage

This holiday season, I enjoyed the Laurent Perrier Rose while watching Love Actually and exchanging Christmas presents with my best friend. Upon opening the bottle, there was immediately a sense of class added to the evening. There have already been many discussions on how to re-use the elegant birdcage it came in.

The sparkling rosé itself was light and full of flavor, making it a delight to drink and really added to the atmosphere of the evening. The fruit flavors were definitely appreciated as all too often I find ‘champagne’ too overpowering to enjoy. We were both pleasantly surprised by the flavors and tastes it boasts.

Charlie Mathers

2 Reyka Vodka

Reyka is traditionally distilled through ancient arctic lava – and therefore should only be served straight from the freezer. Best enjoyed in an Icelandic inspired cocktail.

That or or enjoy over rocks of ice with a slice of cucumber, which in Iceland has been grown historically entirely indoors.

Jamie Wareham

3 Cassis Blackcurrant Liqueur

This isn’t just any cassis. These are blackcurrants from a single farm in Herefordshire in the Midlands of England, a British heartland of rolling green fields and mild weather.

The rich soil produces fruity, sharp blackcurrants to create a full-bodied, sweet liqueur. Mix it with Champagne or Prosecco for a sparkling British Royale. Or celebrate the rich blackcurrantiness by blending it with gin, a dash of lime and sugar syrup for a classic Bramble cocktail.

Tris Reid-Smith

Langley’s gin

I’d never been a fan of gin, but after a recent experience at Heathrow Airport’s gin festival, my mind (and tastes buds) were easily changed.

Langley’s Gin was a pleasant and easy to drink spirit. There was an elegantly, powerful taste of juniper berries, which make up the gin, but was blended to perfection when mixed with tonic.

This would be my choice for the perfect Christmas drink to enjoy with friends and family after your Christmas dinner.

Lewis Peters

5 Barefoot Bubbly Pinot Grigio

How about a refreshing, bubbling white wine that lends itself perfectly to a fun cocktail recipe? The Bubbly Berry Sorbet is as perfect for the festive season as a warm summer day.

The ingredients are comprised of 450g of mixed berries, eight tablespoons of Barefoot Bubbly Pinot Grigio, 250g of caster sugar and 125ml water. Barefoot recently released a video tutorial on how to make this on their Facebook.

Or, if you can’t be bothered with the faff of freezing the mixture, just drink the wine on its own!

Jamie Tabberer

6 Bunk Box

This is the cutest little pink box to unwrap on Christmas Day. But it’s not just the box I’m salivating over.

Open it up and there are three different types of beers, as well as a glass to pour them in, coasters to place them on and a bottle opener to well… open them. And the taste of the beer itself? I’m not a huge fan of ales, but this one is beer-able! They’re actually quite refreshing.

James Besanvalle

7 Tom of Finland vodka

Why not get a little down and dirty with the gayest vodka you’ll ever have? Tom of Finland vodka is a super premium organic spirit and there’s no added sugar. You’ve got the heat of the spice, but it goes down very easy.

Not only is a great vodka, but a percentage of profit from each bottle is donated to the Tom of Finland Foundation. The charity is dedicated to promoting tolerant attitudes towards sexuality and the preservation of erotic art.

Joe Morgan

8 Disaronno Wears Missoni

This amaretto-tasting liqueur, made in Italy, has traveled the world to become a staple in liquor cabinets everywhere, especially during the Christmas period. The sweet but distinct almond taste likens itself to a traditional Christmas cake lined with marzipan; A glass of liquid Christmas cake? Beautiful.

I’ll be presenting my limited edition bottle, wearing Missoni, to a friends’ new year luncheon in the Sussex countryside in toast to our continued friendship years after leaving university.

Happy on it’s own with a couple of rocks, or blended with Coca Cola or a sharp cranberry juice.

Dan Beesan

9 Freedom Organic Helles Lager

A reflection of the Munich Helles style. A pale balanced lager that uses a clean malt canvas to showcase Hallertau Tradition hops. This full-bodied beer displays infinite subtlety in delivering a range of delicate flavours.

Being organic and vegan it represents both premium quality and choice to the discerning drinker.

Jamie Wareham

10 Hopler Gruner Veltliner

If acidic liquors and sleep-inducing spirits aren’t your bag, opt for a crisp, fresh wine. This clean range is from a winery in a sunny corner of Austria on the northwest bank of the Neusiedl Lake.

The family-owned winery produces a diverse range [pictured above is the Pinot Blanc) and two affordable members are the Gruner Veltliner GV 2016 and Blaufrankisch 2013.

Jamie Tabberer

11 Freya Birch Spirit

During the holidays, a lot of us go to the countryside. This earthy spirit encapsulates morning country walks, fresh air and comforting blankets. To make it, the producers distill wild birch sap. Enjoy over ice, or use Freya Birch Spirit instead of vodka in cocktails.

Or do what I did, and pour a large measure along with a streamline tonic. Squeeze an orange. Garnish with cucumber and mint. It’ll be the freshest Christmas cocktail you’ll ever have.

Joe Morgan

12 Haig Club Clubman

Everyone wants to be more like David Beckham – well, they did until this year, perhaps…

Regardless, Victoria Beckham’s better half has worked wonders to raise the profile of this chic, sophisticated offshoot of the classic Scottish whisky brand.

If you’re not a a big whisky drinker, one sip of this surprisingly sweet single grain may well convert you. We’re also here for the range’s epic bottle game – we’re thinking more aftershave than whisky!

Jamie Tabberer

13 Ketel One Oranje

From over 10 generations of family distilling expertise, beginning in 1691, and hailing from Rotterdam, Holland, the Ketel One Oranje vodka is steeped in prestigious legacy.

Staying true to the Nolet family’s 300 year old distilling heritage, their landmark vodka has been infused with the essence of Valencian and Mandarin oranges to bring a sharp edge to the proceedings.

The fruit provides floral and fruity notes which make this smooth wheat-based vodka a perfect aperitif, or on the rocks solo.

We advise saving this bottle for the top shelf, out of the reach of fizzy mixers.

Dan Beeson

14 Hobgoblin IPA

Christmas brings out bitterness in the best of us come Boxing Day. Beat it the punch with this tropical, hoppy Indian Pale Ale, that’s more delicate than its name suggests. Also good for Halloween…

Jamie Tabberer