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14 people arrested for lynching and killing a trans man in India

14 people arrested for lynching and killing a trans man in India

Transgender man beaten to death in Hyderabad

Police in India arrested 14 people for allegedly lynching a trans man and injuring three more trans people.

The mob targeted ,Chandriah, his son Ravi, and other three trans people in Chandrayangutta, a city in the state of Hyderabad on the weekend.

They targeted Ravi and his friends because they believed them to be suspected child traffickers after mistaking them for the real perpetrators they saw in a viral social media video.

‘As the four persons tried to escape from the area, a mob chased them and attacked them resulting in grievous injuries to Chandriah and Swamy,’ Deputy Police Commissioner, V. Satyanarayana, told media.

Emergency services took the injured trans people to hospital. But Chandriah died from his injuries in the early hours of Sunday morning.

One of the fourteen people arrested was underage.

Vigilante justice

Satyanarayana warned people that they should not take the law into their own hands. He also warned people not believe the rumor mill on WhatsApp and social media sites about alleged child traffickers.

Vigilantes have already killed three people in Hyderabad over suspected child trafficking.

‘These days social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter are being used to spread fake news,’ Hyderabad Police said in a statement on the weekend.

‘All such messages are only rumours. If someone sends such news please do not share with anyone and validate with the police.

‘If anyone finds suspicions, tell the police by dialling 100 or inform through Hawkeye, Facebook and Whatsapp.

‘Do not take the law into your own hands. We will take serious legal action against you.’