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14 photos from Delhi Queer Pride you need to see

14 photos from Delhi Queer Pride you need to see

Image by @ruth.pollard via Instagram

Thousands turned out for the ninth annual #DelhiQueerPride in India today.

The sun came out and so did a colorful array of people, to witness an event that sends the message to the Government: ‘If some of us aren’t free, no one is.’

Same-sex sexual activity remains illegal in India under section 377, brought in during British colonial rule in 1860.

After a successful repeal of this law in 2009, it was later recriminalized in 2013 and is an issue that affects every LGBTI person in India.

This issue, among others in India were plastered on banners all over the parade today, but the overall message was that love is love.

Take a look at our round-up of the best photos and videos from the queer pride event.

1. The march started in Barakhamba

2. And the banners were out in full force

3. There were flowers in beards

4. A hula hoop

5. And a huge rainbow flag

6. The message to the Indian government was heard loud and clear

7. And there was plenty of solidarity to go around

8. But there was one clear message from the crowd, repeal Section 377 and decriminalize homosexuality

9. And this:

10. With a special message for Trump too

11. And finally, the age old question has been answered

12. No Delhi Pride is complete without dancing

13. And cute little rainbow bow ties

Possibly the cutest guys at #delhipride #delhigram #respect #equality #LGBTQ #India #march #protest

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14. But the overall message was simple, love is love