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14 sexily gruff Cardiff guys of varying ages and body types to make you dream of Wales

14 sexily gruff Cardiff guys of varying ages and body types to make you dream of Wales

Meet the men of Cardiff in the latest issue of traveling queer mag Elska

In previous issues, British gay bookazine Elska has spotlighted hot local gay guys in Berlin, Reykjavik and Taipei.

But for its latest edition, it’s exploring a city a little closer to home: the Welsh capital of Cardiff.

‘For our first British edition, we knew we wanted to do a city other than London,’ editor Liam Campbell tells us. ‘Just to show there’s more to this little island!’

‘We ended up totally falling for Cardiff. For the welcoming people, for the proud spirit, for the lovely parks, and the melodious accent. Also, for the unpronounceable Welsh language signs everywhere!’

Featuring lots of handsome locals, this is Elska’s most diverse issue yet: models range in age from 19 to 75.

On the first day we shot two Welsh speaking lads from the Rhondda Valley,’ Liam recalls. ‘Their accents were so strong that I hardly understood a word they said!

‘When we arrived in Cardiff, it was shortly after the Brexit vote. Cardiffians voted resoundingly in favour of remaining in the EU, as did pretty much every boy we met. So effected by Brexit emotions were they that a few even wrote about it in their stories.’

He adds: ‘We shot the last issue in a more conservative, religious place – Istanbul. So it was a treat shooting in the open and gay-friendly like Cardiff this time. The people were still a bit shy though –it wasn’t quite Berlin!’

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