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14 times Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend flew by private jet and we wept

14 times Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend flew by private jet and we wept

Clearly there is actually no other way to eat breakfast

This is Marc Jacobs – he happens to be one of the most powerful men in fashion

He’s also an international traveler. And he always, always travels in style

His Instagram offers an insight into his glamorous jet set life – often aboard what appears to be a pretty chic private jet

But wait. It gets worse. Not only does the 54-year-old Marc look sexier than ever, boast a priceless wardrobe and travel the world constantly…

He also has a super hot boyfriend

This is Char Defrancesco, an actor who’s appeared in Sense8. Unsurprisingly, he also always travels in style

So much so, when the two of them are in the same photo, it’s a style explosion

Every shot boasts the perfect composition

They’re often joined by Marc’s entourage of dogs, (including Neville, who has 208k Instagram followers), who also know their angles

And by equally handsome friends such as the photographer Nicolas Newbold, below

Anyway, basically, we’d be insanely jealous of the pair of them if they weren’t so damn adorable together

Seriously, look how cute they’re being in this helicopter. We can only assume from the pouts that they’re not the ones operating it

Because yes – they’re always tanned, always traveling, but most importantly, they’re always smiling and having a laugh together

Like, always. And for that we salute them. Stay fabulous, guys!