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Bullied teen gets overwhelming love on Britain’s Got Talent

Bullied teen gets overwhelming love on Britain’s Got Talent

14-year-old Jack Higgins wowed the crowd and judges on Britain’s Got Talent with an emotional dance to ballad ‘Say Something’ by Great Big World and Christian Aguilera.

Higgins from Liverpool has been dancing for 9 years, and his moment at BGT is definitely a breakthrough for him. The audience gave him a roaring standing ovation at the end of the performance, and the judges all agreed that they saw his passion.

‘It was a really Billy Elliot moment for me,’ said David Walliams, ‘It was so moving. Every movement had meaning and emotion.’

Amanda Holden said, ‘You’re a born dancer, this is what you’re supposed to do.’

Then Higgins broke down as he revealed that he was bullied for doing ballet, and was even called ‘gay.’

‘People was calling me names. Getting bullied, saying I was gay and I danced like a girl and ballet was for girls,’ he shared with tears in his eyes.

But Simon Cowell came in with a piece of advice which moved the entire show:

‘You know the one thing that bullies don’t like? They don’t like it when you do well. I can see how hard you’ve worked for this moment and I congratulate you Jack.’

Higgins got 4 yeses from the panel.