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14-year-old gets death threat from friend’s dad for supporting marriage equality

14-year-old gets death threat from friend’s dad for supporting marriage equality

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A mother took to Twitter after her 14-year-old daughter received a death threat for supporting marriage equality in Australia.

The girl allegedly received the threats from a school friend’s father for voicing her support of marriage equality on Facebook.

Australia is currently holding a divisive postal survey on marriage equality.

While most of the comments on the girl’s Facebook post were supportive of same-sex marriage, one took a violent turn.

‘(sic) Kk WTF? I ain’t f*kin playing no more, u now what I’m capable of bitch. I am *** father. Call me b4 I come n drop bombs, it’s my time to shine because straight up. U want me to come with a 9,mm,’ the post read.

The girl’s mother, Vale Sibylla, shared the post on Twitter where she called out Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The tweets have since been deleted.

‘Hey @TurnbullMalcolm this is my 14yo daughter getting a death threat from a school friend’s father because she wrote a fb (Facebook) post supporting SSM (same-sex marriage),’ she wrote.

‘Just disgusting is this the respectful debate you talked about @TurnbullMalcolm.’

The PM had promised Australians could engage in a ‘respectful debate’ during the postal survey, despite warnings from LGBTI groups that it would leave the community open to homophobic vitriol.

‘It wasn’t me’

The man alleged to have written the violent post claimed he did not do it.

‘I’ve got no problem with same-sex marriage,’ he told

But New South Wales Police said it was looking into the matter.

The Australian Federal Police was tagged in the original Twitter post.

It replied saying: ‘Using a carriage service to threaten is a Commonwealth offence but investigated by state police’.