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15 beautiful pictures of Indian LGBTIs and allies kissing Section 377 goodbye

15 beautiful pictures of Indian LGBTIs and allies kissing Section 377 goodbye

Indian Supreme Court’s historic decision to scrap Section 377, a colonial-era law banning gay sex, received a warm welcome throughout the country.

Several cities in the subcontinent, in fact, organized spontaneous parades today (6 September).

Immediately after the announcement, LGBTIs and allies took to the streets regardless of the weather to dance, sing and wave their rainbow flags.

New Delhi parades under heavy rain

Photo: awkward_psychedelia/Instagram

Despite the heavy rain, New Delhi LGBTI community came out with placards and flags in Connaught Place today. The demonstration took place at 6pm local time.

Several people marched in the beautiful Jantar Mantar, a site with thirteen architectural astronomy instruments located in the new city.

Of course, rainbow umbrellas were mandatory for those heading to the march to celebrate this hallmark ruling.

While many still feared to attend Pride parades in the country up until recently, people took to the streets today proudly. As you can see from these images posted on social media, many expressed their joy and relief for a long overdue verdict.

Mumbai also celebrates the end of Section 377

Credits: @indianexpress/Instagram

Mumbai also celebrated the end of gay sex ban in the district of Vakola. Many danced and sported their best outfits as if it was a Pride parade.

Furthermore, the Humsafar Trust, an advocacy group campaigning for LGBT rights, celebrated the decision at their Mumbai headquarter. They took pictures while they received the phone call announcing the decision earlier this morning.

Take a look at the other pictures as well:

Credits: Yashwinder Singh
Photo: thehumsafartrustofficial/Facebook
Photo: @scroll-in/Instagram
Credits: @scroll_in/Instagram
Photo: @scroll_in/Instagram
Credits: Yashwinder Singh
Photo: @indiashor/Instagram
Credits: @reformthenorm_/Instagram
Credits: @thequint/Twitter
Photo: @thenewsmills/Instagram
Credits: @thenewsmills/Instagram
Credits: awkward_psychedelia/Instagram
Photo: @pitch_please/Instagram

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