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15 celeb gay couples that prove an age gap doesn’t matter

15 celeb gay couples that prove an age gap doesn’t matter

When Stephen Fry was about to get married to Elliott Spencer, people were upset he was marrying a man 30 years younger than him.

He was accused of ‘cradle snatching’ and being ‘creepy’ while his fianc√© Elliott Spencer was labeled a ‘gold digger’ and ‘fake’.

But who’s to say what their relationship is like?

Other gay couples have proved that you can form a real, loving relationship that proves age is just a number.

Some have lasted, and some have not.

And some like the last couple Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy, who met when they were 48 and 18 in 1953, stayed together until the former’s death in 1986.

We have listed their age as was correct in January 2017. If one died, we have the listed the age in which they passed.

Check out our list here:

Tom Daley, 22, and Dustin Lance Black, 42 – 20 years difference

Tom Daley Dustin Lance Black

Ellen DeGeneres, 58, and Portia De Rossi, 43 – 15 years difference

Ellen DeGeneres Portia DeRossi

Stephen Sondheim, 86, and Jeff Romley, 38 – 48 years difference

Stephen Sondheim Jeff Romley

Rachel Maddow, 43, and Susan Mikula, 58 – 15 years difference

Rachel Maddow Susan Mikula

Liberace, 67 (died in 1987) and Scott Thorson, 57 – 48 years difference

Liberace Scott Thorson

Sarah Paulson, 41, and Holland Taylor, 73 – 32 years difference

Tom Ford, 55, and Richard Buckley, 68 – 13 years difference

Tom Ford Richard Buckley

Eileen Myles, 67, and Leopoldine Core, 31 – 36 years difference

Eileen Myles Leopoldine Core

Elton John, 69, and David Furnish, 54 – 15 years difference

Elton John David Furnish

Sara Gilbert, 41, and Linda Perry, 51 – 10 years difference

Sara Gilbert Linda Perry

Calvin Klein, 74, and Nick Gruber, 26, 48 years difference (broke up in 2012)

Calvin Klein Nick Gruber

KD Lang, 55, and Leisha Hailey, 45 – 10 years difference (broke up in 2000)

KD Lang Leisha Hailey

Matt Bomer, 39, and Simon Halls, 52 – 13 years difference

Matt Bomer Simon Halls

Chely Wright, 46, and Lauren Blitzer, 36, 10 years difference

Chely Wright Lauren Blitzer

Christopher Isherwood, 81 (died in 1986), and Don Bachardy, 82 – 30 years difference

Christopher Isherwood Don Bacherdy