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15 heartwarming pictures of this year’s Kerala Queer Pride parade

15 heartwarming pictures of this year’s Kerala Queer Pride parade

Pride 2016 in Kerala.

Kerala celebrated Pride over the weekend, after killer floods tragically postponed the festivities last August.

Among India’s southernmost states, Kerala had one of the country’s first Prides ever since Section 377 was scrapped.

Now that Indian Supreme Court has decriminalized gay sex, many are coming out to their family and friends. They are no longer afraid to march at Pride.

Kerala’s gay, trans and bisexual people took to the streets without fear of being judged or condemned for living their truths.

LGBTIs and allies gathered in Thrissur, the state’s largest urban conglomerate, to parade under a scorching sun on Sunday 7 October.

700 people paraded in Kerala

This was the ninth Kerala Queer Pride March. More than 700 revelers took part in the parade, with a high number of younger people. According to the Times of India, some of them attended Pride for the first time this year.

They danced through the Swaraj Round, waving their rainbow flags. Many also shared their snaps of the march on social media.

As the rest of India is getting ready for Pride season, take a look at the best pictures of Pride below.


All pictures by @kvinty18. The last three pictures by @aunty_national.

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