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15 images of amazingly hot, everyday Icelandic guys

15 images of amazingly hot, everyday Icelandic guys

The third issue of Elska magazine features cute guys based in Reykjavik

Liam Campbell was working as a flight attendant when he first had the idea for his bookazine, Elska.

‘I used to arrive in a new city for a layover, then look for guys on Grindr,’ he explains. ‘But not for hookups – rather, it was to take their pictures out in the city. Later, I quit the airline and started Elska.’

Liam, who was born in Chicago and now lives in London, adds: ‘The first issue came as an experiment. I went to Ukraine for four days, met and shot as many guys as I could, and ended up putting 11 of them in a little bookazine called Elska. It’s not just about pictures. Each of the guys also writes a short story, like a journal entry, to help you get to know them and the city they live in.’

Explaining how he finds guys to appear in the 156 page-and-counting publication, Liam says: ‘We find the guys on social media, typically Planet Romeo, Hornet, Facebook and Instagram. We show them the mag, ask if they’re up for being part of it, and that’s it.’

The third issue, featured here, focuses on Reykjavik, while the last one was Berlin. ‘Berlin was the most daring place so far, definitely not conservative,’ says Liam. ‘Practically all the guys wanted to do nude shoots, which is why that issue is a bit more top-shelf than the others.’

He adds: ‘Issue 4 will be made in Lisbon, and then after that we’re going all the way to Asia. The exact location is still under wraps though. If you’re up for being photographed and writing for Elska, get in touch. That’s how we ended up doing Reykjavik, via a series of invitations from local guys to do an Elska edition there.’

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