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15 things you need to know about trans teen trailblazer Jazz Jennings

15 things you need to know about trans teen trailblazer Jazz Jennings

Meet the amazing Jazz Jennings from Florida

She’s only 15, but Jazz Jennings is already well on her way to becoming a global superstar – and rightly so.

The Florida-native, who was assigned male at birth, first catapulted to fame in 2007, when, during an interview with Barbara Walters, the then seven-year-old declared on national TV she was a girl. Now a spokesperson on all things trans, she this year starred in her own TLC reality show, I Am Jazz.

Here, we delve into the life of the keen YouTuber and count down 15 reasons she’s one of the most impressive teenagers on the planet…

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1 She knew she was a girl at the age of two

She was blazing a trail even when she was a toddler! Jazz has previously explained: ‘Mum tells me that even as a two-year-old when she praised me for being a good boy, I’d correct her saying, “I’m a good girl.”‘

Jazz is incredibly articulate for her age

2 She has a beautiful way with words Case in point, this inspirational quote: ‘Being transgender is not just a medical transition, it’s discovering who you are, living your life authentically, loving yourself, and spreading that love towards other people and accepting one another no matter their difference.’

Jazz’s book cover

3 She’s published her own picture book for children A fun, colorful, semi-autobiographical foray into Jazz’s experience of growing up ‘with a girl brain but a boy body’, Jazz’s story is a guiding light for trans children everywhere.

Jazz and her family

4 Her show on TLC I Am Jazz is addictive

And the best part? Seeing the dynamic between Jazz’s supportive and loving family. As well as parents Jeanette and Greg, the show features Jazz’s sister Ari and brothers Griffen and Sander.

This is what you call a good hair day

5 She has amazing style

That hair! We are also envious of all her clothes.  

6 She was invited to the White House this year

Jazz attended a reception at the White House thrown by Barack Obama back in June, to observe LGBT Pride Month. Rubbing shoulders with the American President – it’s all in a day’s work for this girl.

Naomi, Jazz, Elle and Jazz’s Mom after their Entertainment Tonight interview

7 She interviews movie stars

Earlier this year Jazz sat down with actresses Naomi Watts and Elle Fanning [pictured above with Jazz and her mom Jeanette] to chat about their upcoming film About Ray, which details a teenager’s transition from male to female.

8 Her YouTube channel is also amazing

With 183,981 subscribers and millions of views to her name, Jazz is a bonafide YouTube star. She often speaks out on issues such self esteem and self acceptance, inspiring teens (and adults) around the world.

Jazz and her parents

9 She founded the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation

Along with her parents Jeanette and Greg [pictured above], Jazz is the proud founder of the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation. The mission statement on the organization’s official website reads: ‘TKPRF is committed to enhancing the future lives of TransKids by educating schools, peers, places of worship, the medical community, government bodies, and society in general, in an effort to seek fair and equal treatment for all trans youth.’

Jazz in her CLEAN & CLEAR ad
Jazz in her Clean & Clear ad

10 She’s already scoring advertising campaigns

Earlier this year, Jazz was revealed as the new face of skincare brand Clean & Clear. Just your typical teenage Saturday job.

My Luna🌙

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11 She’s a social media powerhouse

Jazz boasts 253k followers on Instagram, 40k followers on Twitter, and her Facebook page has 85,582 likes, and loves to share selfies with her cute cat Luna.

12 She does the best mermaid impression

Prepare to be mer-mesmerized.

Together they could rule the world!

13 She has plenty of celebrity fans

From Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox to talk show titan Oprah Winfrey (who’s interviewed Jazz) to YouTuber Tyler Oakley – who last week tweeted the teen: ‘So glad I finally got to meet you! You are a legend.’

Jazz jennings, we salute you
Peace out!

14 Underneath it all, she’s just like any other teenager

Under the ‘personal interests’ section on her Facebook page, Jazz is beyond adorable: ‘I love to draw, be creative, hang out with friends, play soccer and tennis, but move of all I LOVE to binge-watch movies/TV shows on my computer!’

Still giving great hair
Still giving great hair

15 It’s just the beginning

It’s hard to believe that Jazz has been speaking publicly about her experiences for so many years already – and the amazing thing? This girl has her whole life ahead of her to continue making a difference to the world. Jazz, we salute you.

Photos: TLC/Twitter/Instagram