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15,000 protest against same-sex marriage in Taiwan

15,000 protest against same-sex marriage in Taiwan

drugs An estimated 15,000 people demonstrated against Taiwan legalizing same-sex marriage

Thousands of people assembled in Taipei, Taiwan to protest against a draft bill which could legalize same-sex marriage.

An estimated 15,000 opponents of the proposed law change assembled outside the Legislative Yuan, Taiwan’s parliament, on Thursday (17 November).

Inside, a committee was debating the amendment; outside, the crowd was watching a live stream of the proceedings.

Dressed in white, the protesters carried signs with slogans like ‘stand forward for the next generation’s happiness’ and ‘marriage, family, Let the People decide’.

They demand the government should hold a referendum on the matter, like Ireland did in 2015, instead of just making a decision.

Many of the protestors seem to have come from organized religious groups, including a Christian alliance from the south of the island, according to The Statesman and New York Times contributor Chris Horton.

‘Only a heterosexual marriage can create the possibility of bearing children,’ Wang Tzu-hao, a pastor representing the group, told The Statesman.

‘And only then can we sustain the nation’s next generation.’

Others, like The Happiness of the Next Generation Alliance who organized the protest, said they support equal rights, but not marriage equality.

David Tseng, speaking for the group, told AFP marriage should still only be between man and woman.

‘Now they want to amend the law to do away with the “father” and “mother” altogether,’ he said.

‘We are different from the West. In Eastern culture, we place great importance on filial piety to one’s father and mother.

‘This is a virtue we must keep.’

A few groups supporting same-sex marriage were also in attendance.

But according to The News Lens, they were blocked by police because they didn’t have a permit to hold an outdoor assembly.

Members of the anti-equality protest also confronted the pro-side and blocked them from entering the opposition protest, leading to small scuffles with police.

The amendment passed its first reading in the Legislative Yuan on 8 November. If the bill is passed in parliament, it would make Taiwan the first place in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.