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16 artful shots of hot, hip guys from Taiwan in gay bookazine Elska

16 artful shots of hot, hip guys from Taiwan in gay bookazine Elska

In each issue of Elska, the publication looks at guys from a different city

We’ve previously met guys from Lisbon, Berlin and Iceland through male photography, culture and travel bible Elska Magazine.

Now, the latest edition dedicated to Taipei, the Taiwanese metropolis. Here, editor Liam Campbell explains the story behind the issue…

‘Mainly due to budget, all the issues until now have been shot in Europe, but when an Elska subscriber wrote in to suggest Taipei along with advice on how to get some very cheap flights, we jumped at the chance.
‘Having the largest Pride celebration in Asia, a new pro-LGBTI rights president, and being the only country in Asia with same-sex marriage on the cards, Taipei promised a warm welcome for Elska, and our expectations were surpassed.
‘However, some advised against doing an issue in Asia at all, quoting the common dating app tagline now made famous by Kim Chi: “no fats, no fems, no Asians.”
‘Even some of the men in the issue themselves worried that no one would want to buy the issue, feeling that most readers just wouldn’t be into Asians.
‘However, we wholeheartedly rejected such concerns, insisting that Asian men, and all men, are beautiful and sexy.
‘Of course Elska is more than just a pin-up mag; it’s for people who don’t just want to look at pictures, but who want to know the men in those pictures too and something about their culture.
“Along with each photo spread the guys write about anything from love affairs, to family issues, to coming out stories, to life-changing voyages, to dealing with discrimination. These, along with an non-airbrushed and natural photography style, add to the intimate feel of Elska.’

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