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The 17 hottest, sweetest fan works of art that imagines Captain America and Bucky as a gay couple

The 17 hottest, sweetest fan works of art that imagines Captain America and Bucky as a gay couple

Marvel directors want to bring in LGBTI characters

Captain America: Civil War, much like most superhero fans, is probably going to be as straight as all the other ones.

But we can dream.

Who would you want to pair Steve Rogers with? You might think to go with Iron Man, as they each other’s main adversary in the film and that’s normally but how it goes, but there’s a lot more gay subtext with a separate character.

And that man is Bucky Barnes, the best friend from the past that turns out to be the Winter Soldier. With easily the most chemistry in any of the superhero films (and that’s including between Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow), it’s no wonder that many fans like imagine Bucky and Cap as a gay couple.

It doesn’t help either that Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky, immediately picked out Chris Evans, who plays Cap, as the ‘sexiest’ guy in Captain America: Civil War.

Here are 17 hot, sweet fan works of art that might sway you to become a ‘Stucky’ fan.





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