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17 pics of Montego Bay’s LGBTI march to remind you what Pride is all about

17 pics of Montego Bay’s LGBTI march to remind you what Pride is all about

Three years after the first Pride festival ever took place in Kingston, Jamaica, an LGBTI parade moved through the streets of Montego Bay for the first time this weekend.

The northern coastal town hosted its very first LGBTI march on Sunday 14 October.

‘It’s impossible to put into words today’s meaning,’ said Maurice Tomlinson, founder of Montego Bay Pride.

A Jamaican lawyer and LGBTI/HIV activist, Tomlinson commented on Jamaica’s first Pride parade in Montego Bay on Sunday. He grew up in Montego Bay but now lives with his husband in Canada.

Montego Bay Pride is ‘an abomination to God’

Montego Bay’s first Pride march holds a special significance. In Jamaica, same-sex sex is prohibited by law and can result in long prison sentences. Moreover, there are no anti-discrimination laws. Therefore, it is not hard to imagine that protesting for LGBTI equality might be dangerous for gay, bi, trans people there.

Local clergyman Pastor Peter Burnett dismissed the Pride. The chairman of the St James Ministers’ Fraternal has sharply criticized the weeklong celebration, calling it an abomination to God.

‘Such a practice is an abomination to God and the increase of it will bring more curses into our already hurting city,’ the clergyman declared.

‘We have further learned that there will be a ‘march and worship’ service to push for the acceptance and normalizing of this practice.’

A Pride of brave fighters

Despite the harsh criticism, the parade went ahead.

With a huge rainbow flag and banners, the demonstrators of the Walk for Rights marched through the streets of the capital of the district of Saint James on Sunday. EU representative Fredrik Ekfeldt and his wife Ulrika also participated in march.

Take a look at Montego Bay Pride pictures below:

All pictures by Montego Bay Pride.

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