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17 ways to have a perfect gay weekend in Brighton

17 ways to have a perfect gay weekend in Brighton

We promise to not make a weak ‘Brighton up your weekend’ pun. Oops

Want to know how to have the perfect gay weekend in Brighton?

Summer is coming, and many British people are packing their bags to head to the seaside.

And for LGBTI Brits, the best option is going down south to Brighton.

Not only is it known as the gay capital of Europe, it is a great place for a weekend away.

It’s open-minded, relaxed, and just a little bit eccentric.

Take a look at what is quite possibly the perfect gay weekend in Brighton.

1) Arrive

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Most weekenders in Brighton arrive by train, and are immediately greeted by the beautiful Victorian railway station. Say goodbye to stress.

2) Stay at the Ibis Hotel


We’ve stayed in Brighton plenty of times, and nothing beats the Ibis for somewhere simple, cheap but contemporary to lay your head for the night.

3) Break your fast at The New Club

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There are a ton of options for breakfast in Brighton. One of the favorites, Bill’s, is normally rammed, and the quirky options like The Dumb Waiter might scare you a little on your first visit.

So our choice is The New Club. Not only can you drink bacon vodka early in the morning, but there are also stunning views of the sea.

4) Catch up on the local news

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The Argus is legendary for some of the best headlines in local news. See what Brighton is really about with what’s in print.

5) Time to go shopping


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Unlike most cities swallowed up by big name brands, you can still find independent, incredibly interesting shops in the North Laines and Lanes.

Some of our favorites include Pussy Home Boutique, which all of our lesbian friends adore, and Snoopers Paradise, perfect for picking up vintage tat and antiques.

6) Get something naughty…

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If you’re in Brighton for the liberally-minded attitude to sex, you should head to the Taboo Sex Shop. It has even won awards for its plethora of toys.

7) Grab a proper chippie

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You’re by the seaside, so you’re going to need to sample some nice fresh fish and proper handcut chips.

The Regency, one of the oldest and most popular seafront restaurants, is a good choice.

8) Lick a quirky ice cream

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Boho Gelato is a traditional Italian ice cream parlour, but with a twist. It has a daily choice of at least 24 flavors, and has more in the summer.

Tastes to enjoy range from Vanilla to Violet, Mango to Mojito and Apple to Avocado.

9) See the seaside


Brighton’s crowning joy, the seaside is five miles of pebbled goodness. While you could grab a bottle of wine or beer from the nearby shops and relax, there’s plenty of water sport activities.

There is also the famous pier. Go into the arcade or even take a trip on the Brighton Wheel.

10) Go party


Time to get ready to go out. Most of the venues, but not all, are in the St James’s Street and the seafront areas east of Brighton Pier.

Popular choices include Legends (which has hotel rooms if you get lucky), Revenge and Charles Street.

Also, try and make sure you’re around for 2 August – Brighton Pride.

11) But do I have to go gay clubbing?

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This is Brighton, it’s one of the most safest places for LGBTI people in the UK. You’re going to be ok anywhere, really.

If you want to avoid the typical gay crowd, you can see a show at Komedia or rave at Audio.

12) Wake up bleary eyed, grab something healthy

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Again, various options for breakfast are available. But Wai Kika Moo Kau is great as it has an all-day vegan option.

13) Meet the locals

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Brighton is home to some…well, interesting people. And most are incredibly lovely people, and don’t mind a chat.

14) Indulge in veg

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Quite possibly the finest vegetarian cuisine in the country, Terre á Terre is fresh food taken seriously.

15) Now indulge in something far less healthier…

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Choccywoccydoodah is headed up by a dedicated team of artists, designers and chocolatiers who specialize in creating the best in confectionary.

From bespoke cakes to unique gifts, you might leave a little fatter but a lot happier.

16) See something famous


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But what would a trip to Brighton be without a trip to the Royal Pavilion? Built for what would be King George IV, it is a remarkable building inside and out.

It was also famous for hosting Britain’s first gay wedding.

17) Relax

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Most importantly, the best part of Brighton is that you can relax. Lounge on the beach, take a walk around the shops and chill.

There’s no way to take in everything Brighton has to offer in a weekend, so make sure you enjoy and appreciate what you get to do. You’ll soon be coming back…