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These photos of gay dads and their kids are absolutely precious

These photos of gay dads and their kids are absolutely precious

Gay dads with yawning baby

Whether it’s taking selfies in the car, holding hands on a long country walk, or enjoying a day out in town, family life is full of tender moments – and an online network of gay dads is coming together to share theirs.

Gays With Kids, a community of dads set up with the aim of helping others navigate fatherhood, has shared their most popular Instagram posts of the past year, showcasing a gorgeous series of photos illustrating the tender moments of everyday family life.

Prepare yourself for warm fuzzy feelings and browse the photos below.


Brian and Cory with their two children, enjoying a walk in Texas, USA


A grinning family selfie from Christopher and Marty in Utah, USA


Christopher and Marty share a cute family selfie from the car! We’re loving all those big smiles!

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Dorian and Jared with their sleepy son in California, USA


Rodrigo and Nazareno feeding their son in the park


Sammy and Simon with their son in Cheshire, UK.


Torey and Jeff enjoying time at home with their two boys in California, USA


Garon and James making the most of the sunshine in Washington D.C., USA


Wes and John celebrating their son’s 16th birthday in Wyoming, USA


Steve and Cristian out in town in London, UK


 Clint and Jacob sharing their first family photos with their daughter in Texas, USA


For more heart-warming photos of dads and their children, follow @Gays_With_Kids on Instagram.