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18 inspiring shots of gay girls traveling the world

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18 inspiring shots of gay girls traveling the world
Intrepid Instagram traveler Meg at Salvation Mountain in California

1 Scotland

Gotta get down on Friday

A post shared by Jenna Howieson (@jenju92) on

2 Caribbean

Christmas in the Caribbean

A post shared by Kandace (@kandacelately) on

3 Spain

Because I have a big lesbian crush on you #wifecrushwednesday my #supergirl

A post shared by Alex (@alexreneegarcia) on

4 New York State

Just some bros by the fire

A post shared by wilderness whiskey ️‍wife (@lez_go_outside) on

5 California

I’ve been having trouble articulating what this weekend meant to me. Before this weekend I knew that Dinah was a special and important place for our community but tbh working in the queer world had made me pretty jaded to it all. On an academic level I knew how important these events are but it had been a very long time since I had felt that for myself. This weekend renewed my energy for queer events and reminded me why it’s so important to have queer community builders like @kate_ross_ and @cbglasser and @lesbihonestpodcast and @crosay creating spaces for us online and offline. Hearing the stories from those around me as they reflect on their experiences and as a few tattooed themselves with a permanent reminder of the weekend really put things into perspective. I’m happy to say that I’m already planning the next adventure we’ll be taking folks on – spoiler for Dias de los Muertos anyone? PS: Thank you @jamie_thrower for making me feel so beautiful and comfortable in my skin. You are equal parts artist and magician.

A post shared by Meg Cale (@megcale) on

6 Arizona

7 Nevada

Nothing feels better than being comfortable in your own skin

A post shared by Farran Manuel (@farranweezy) on

8 British Columbia

9 India

Jungle dreaming K. . . Neil Island, Andaman Islands, India

A post shared by Miss//Miss (@missmiss_travel) on

10 China

11 Portugal

12 Vietnam

13 Italy

14 France

15 Cuba

There’s no one else I’d rather travel the world with. Happy 2 years, Rachel

A post shared by Doryn Fine (@dorynfine) on

16 Thailand

17 Australia

18 Mexico

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