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18-year-old arrested in Qatar for being gay

18-year-old arrested in Qatar for being gay

18-year-old Luxy arrested in Qatar because of social media posts

18-year-old Luxy was arrested at Doha Hamad Airport and accused of cyber crime, indecency and being gay.

Luxy spoke to Gay Star News and told us his side of the story. Luxy is the name he uses on social media and prefers not to have his real name published.

Luxy was visiting Qatar for the second time from Poland when he was detained at the airport by security. According to him they said he was still in the system due a previous visit and that there were problems with his visa.

He said: ‘They took me to the interview room and kept asking me questions about why I came here. They took my phone and started scrolling through my Whatsapp conversations and pictures.’

An hour later he was placed under arrest.

He also says they asked him if he was a man or a woman.

He was transferred to Doha Central Jail where he spent 10 days in a single cell. He says: ‘They kept telling me I am a prostitute, I am from a bad family and they laughed at my Instagram photos. They told me some Qatari guy made the request to arrest me because I put his naked photo on Instagram.’

For the next two months he stayed in jail and working with his lawyer tried to get him deported back to Poland. After various attempts failed, the situation did not look good.

‘My lawyer said if the person who made the fake claims will not drop the charges, I could face a prison sentence of up to two years, because the investigation was on my phone, and the fact that I know many gay people in Qatar and have many forbidden pictures (for this country) it’s all showing me in a bad light.’

After 63 days in jail, Luxy got lucky. The judge let him go with a fine of QAR 15,000 ($4,100, €3,700).

They also offered him the opportunity to ‘work’ with them by luring and meeting other gay men which would lead to their arrest. He refused.

Two days after returning to his hotel he was arrested again, this time as he calls it ‘for wearing makeup on Snapchat and Instagram’. ‘They said I am a woman and I look like a she-male,’ he says. According to Luxy they kept a close eye on his social media accounts after his release.

‘After the paperwork was done, they gave me the option to stay or be deported. I chose to stay and left as soon as possible on my own. Luckily the judge did not give me a blocked exit.’

According to him his case is still not finished and that it might be a long process.

Luxy is banned from entering any Gulf countries (GCC) and entering a GCC country could lead to his immediate arrest.

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