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18-year-old charged with making an anti-LGBTI bomb threat at his high school

18-year-old charged with making an anti-LGBTI bomb threat at his high school

18-year-old Jonathan Logan-Guy Radford was charged with making a bomb threat

An 18-year-old was arrested and charged over an alleged threat to ‘cleanse’ his school of LGBTI people.

What happened?

Jonathan Logan-Guy Radford of Byrnes High School in South Carolina was arrested on 18 October after allegedly tweeting a bomb threat against students at his school.

‘The ultimate cleansing of all anti straight and non Christians will happen to day [sic] at 8:10 at James F Byrnes High School,’ Radford allegedly wrote on Twitter.

According to police, Radford also sent a private message on Twitter to a classmate.

‘Like I said ik I have seen you at Byrnes and I also know u and ur little group of friends are apart of a lgbt and I hate the lgbt community,’ he wrote. ‘So I plan on bombing and shooting up your school today to cleanse everyone that’s not straight or Christian.’

Radford was identified by the IP address connected to the Twitter account. Police executed a search warrant at his residence and confiscated his phone. According to police reports, Radford admitted to making the threats when questioned by authorities.

He was officially charged on 19 October.

The case is currently still under investigation.

Anything else?

Radford’s bomb threats came just a few days before Florida man Cesar Sayoc began sending bombs in the mail to prominent liberal figures. This included Barack Obama, the Clintons, George Soros, and others.

In New York, a 21-year-old was recently charged with a hate crime after stealing LGBTI flags from church.

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