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Louisiana gay teens allowed to go to high school prom after school district steps in

Louisiana gay teens allowed to go to high school prom after school district steps in

Two students at French Settlement High School in Louisiana were told they were not allowed to go to prom together and then one of them was suspended for using his phone at school when the school learned he had contacted his mother for help.

The boys only learned that their school banned same-sex couples from attending prom together when they went to pick up their tickets on Friday, having already bought matching outfits for the night.

One of the boys, Raymond, contacted his mother Tamblie Babin who called the school’s assistant principal.

‘I asked her why Raymond couldn’t take his boyfriend to prom, and she said that they didn’t allow same sex to go to prom together, that it was against school regulations,’ Babin told WBRZ2 ABC News.

But when the assistant principal found out that Raymond had texted his mother during school hours she retaliated by sending him home as punishment.

However the school was forced to relent when the local school district’s superintendent got involved after he was contacted by WBRZ2 and made aware of the school’s discriminatory policy towards gay and lesbian students.

Livingstone Parish school superintendent John Watson told WBRZ2 that he wouldn’t tolerate anyone being unfairly discriminated against in his school district and that he would be investigating the matter.

Raymond’s date to the prom, Nicholas Newport said it was time all couples were treated the same when going to prom.

‘We are all humans here — it doesn’t matter what race, what gender, what ethnicity, what orientation,’ he told WBRZ2.