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2 gay couples named among best-traveled bloggers of 2017

2 gay couples named among best-traveled bloggers of 2017

2 Travel Dads and Two Bad Tourists

Two gay couples have made a list of the world’s 35 top-ranked travel bloggers in terms of miles accumulated.

2 Travel Dads come in at number 31 on the list with 27,251 miles. Meanwhile, Two Bad Tourists made it to number 35 with 20,390.

Auston Matta and David Brown make up Two Bad Tourists, while 2 Travel Dads are comprised of Chris and Rob Taylor. (Their two adorable infant sons also often feature in their photos).

Together, the top 35 traveled more than 2 million miles in 2017; London proved to be the most popular destination among them.

Many travel bloggers were considered during the research period, according to organizers, before a final shortlist of 35 of the most traveled was created.

Each travel blogger provided their full travel itinerary for 2017, allowing their annual mileage to be calculated using a web-mapping service.

Instagram/Two Bad Tourists

‘LGBT tourism is one of the many driving factors that helps promote openness’

Speaking about the the list, Auston told Gay Star Travel: ‘We’re excited to be included in the list of the most traveled bloggers for 2017, representing San Francisco as our favorite destination!’

He furthermore added: ‘We believe visibility in the global LGBT community is extremely important and LGBT tourism is one of the many driving factors that helps promote openness, understanding and diversity.

He also said: ‘It’s also great to see 2 Travel Dads [below] make the list – we are avid followers of their Instagram account!’

Rob from 2 Travel Dads added: ‘We were really excited to be included with such an awesome group of travelers (including some that we fan-girl over). We would love to see more LGBT families getting out there and sharing their adventures too… so maybe that can be our grand LGBT community goal in 2018!’

Instagram/2 Travel Dads

‘We will revisit this topic and produce an LGBT travel blogger ranking’

The company behind the list is HomeToGo. Dominic Walker, a spokesperson for the group, told Gay Star Travel: ‘After looking at thousands of travel blogs, we selected 35 of the best traveled for this year’s shortlist, including 2 Travel Dads and Two Bad Tourists. Both these couples are awesome LGBT bloggers who we are now massive fans of. We’re super happy to have them in the ranking.’

He furthermore added: ‘We focused on the most travelled, and although we found some really awesome lesbian travel bloggers, none of them had traveled as well as the top 35.

He also said: ‘In future, we will revisit this topic and produce a smaller, only LGBT travel blogger ranking. That will focus on quality LGBT travel blogs, rather than putting emphasis on quality plus miles traveled, and there will of course be lesbian travel bloggers included in that.’

The top 35 in full:

1 The Blonde Abroad – 154,964

2 The Adventurers Collective – 130,213

3 The Planet D – 115,518

4 Kirsten Alana – 113,720

5 My Life’s a Movie – 112,317

6 Hippie in Heels – 99,767

7 LandLopers – 97,000

8 Polkadot Passport – 95,709

9 XpatMatt – 91,861

10 Local Adventurer – 86,686

11 Getting Stamped – 80,015

12 Alex in Wanderland – 73,161

13 Dame Traveler – 67,201

14 Wandering Earl – 64,685

15 Be My Travel Muse – 64,266

16 Heart My Backpack – 57,699

17 A Dangerous Business – 52,578

18 That Backpacker – 49,018

19 Traveling Canucks – 48,122

20 The Blonde Gypsy – 47,771

21 Journalist on the Run – 46,344

22 Girl Eat World – 43,224

23 Camels & Chocolate – 40,573

24 Hey Nadine – 39,864

25 Adventurous Kate – 38,177

26 Allan Edward Hinton – 34,598

27 Love & Road – 31,529

28 y Travel Blog – 30,102

29 Budget Traveller – 28,922

30 Holy Smithereens – 27,620

31 2 Travel Dads – 27,251

32 – 26,730

33 On the Luce – 25,713

34 Helene in Between – 20,526

35 Two Bad Tourists – 20,390