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2 gay penguins marry, share wedding pics and video (yes, really)

2 gay penguins marry, share wedding pics and video (yes, really)

Two gay penguins have tied the knot in England in (we assume) a world first.

The ceremony/inspired press stunt took place between Ferrari and Pringle, a real-life same-sex penguin couple, in Merriscourt in Chipping Norton last week.

The humboldt penguins apparently first met at Heythrop Zoo.

Pringle’s proud dad was among those present at the nuptials, according to human guests.

‘A beautiful couple’

Jess McGugan, trainer and close confidant to the guys at Amazing Animals in Heythrop Zoological Gardens, was also on hand to walk Pringle down the aisle.

She commented: ‘Ferrari and Pringle make a beautiful couple. I see them every day at the zoo and when they are apart, they cry and pine for each other. It is so cute and heart-warming to watch them.

‘They are both very cheeky characters with bubbly and infectious personalities. I hope they have a fun and happy life together.’

A spokesperson said the welfare of the animals was a top priority during the wedding (which was not legally binding) and neither penguin was hurt during filming.

Gay Star News has approached the RSPCA for further comment.

‘A classy day, for a classy couple’

The photos and video were produced by The Wedding Video Company.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Rob Earnshaw said: ‘From the moment Ferrari and Pringle entered the room you knew it was going to be special. Who doesn’t like a bit of bling and glamour on their wedding day? They even managed to sing along to “I Will Survive” at the top of their voice!’

He furthermore commented: ‘A classy day, for a classy couple. Our cameras stopped rolling as they entered the honeymoon suite as some things are sacred!’

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