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20 celebs dress in leather and kink wear to promote new Tom Of Finland film

20 celebs dress in leather and kink wear to promote new Tom Of Finland film

Tom of Finland has 20 celebs involved

Tom Of Finland, about the gay fetish artist, is set to be the biggest Finnish hit ever.

And to help with the film advertising campaign is something no other film marketing team has ever done before.

A total of the 19 biggest names in Finland have dressed in leather and kink wear to promote the biopic, including Eurovision star Krista Siegfrids and celebrity chef Hans Välimäki.

The late fashion designer, Teri Rivet, has also been immortalized in the beautiful black-and-white shots.

Others who have got involve include politicians like former US ambassador Bruce Oreck.

The film premieres on 24 February.

Take a look below:

Pekka Strang (actor and theater director, plays Tom of Finland)
 Veikko Kähkönen (Photographer)

Niklas Hogner, (Gay Swedish figure skater, actor in Tom of Finland)

Jessica Grabowsky (Actress, star of Tom of Finland)
Stefan Wallin (MP and former minister)
Jenni Vartiainen (Singer)
Hans Välimäki (Celebrity chef)
Manuela Bosco (Actress)
Dome Karukoski (Director of Tom of Finland)
Chisu (Singer-songwriter)
Teri Niitti (Gay designer, recently passed away)
Jari Sillanpää (Gay singer)
Maryam Razavi (Model)
Bruce Oreck (Former US ambassador to Finland)
Maria Veitola (Journalist and media personality)
Mert Mikael Otsamo (Fashion designer)
Sandra Hagelstam (Fashion designer and blogger)
Marco Bjurström (Gay media personality and producer)
Krista Siegfrids (Pop singer and Eurovision star)
Tuomas Enbuske (Journalist and media personality)