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2014: The year homophobes kept talking and saying little

2014: The year homophobes kept talking and saying little

It’s been a rough year for people who obsess over gay families and couples.

Especially those who profess love for a deity and disgust at everything L,G,B,T,and I.

Their poster boy was called home, RIP Mr Fred Phelps, and the marriage revolution made their arguments punier with each passing day.

Instead of coming up with better ideas, many took steps beyond the real.

In 2014 anti-gays were so incensed over equality, they uttered things that made their own allies raise eyebrows in wonderment.

Below are GSN’s top five homophobic moments/comments for the year.

5.  The Rev. Edward James was aghast Mississippi might have marriage equality. For him, that’s akin to a horse getting hitched to a man.

So he dressed a horse, Charlotte, in a wedding dress and held a man/horse protest in front of the federal court house in Jackson.

The horse was bored with the attention, and just wanted to chew some of that fine southern grass.

We are going to be better people and not point out the pastor’s vocabulary issues on the poster:


4. Pat Robertson’s history of bigotry is legendary.

He can’t help himself. When the camera is on, he yammers, yammers,  yammers. And yammers some more.

In the below clip, he makes a comment about AIDS, towels, and Uganda that wouldn’t make a passing grade in a middle school science class:



3. Self-awareness is not a strength of those in Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The group beheads people, flogs children, forces conversions to Islam, and uses rape as a weapon.

Yet, according to this anonymous militant, gay people are the ‘worst creatures.’

So let’s get this right: two lesbians getting married is terrible? An organization that makes girls into sexual slaves is holy? Better check the mirror.



2. t’s difficult not to go through Scott Lively’s comments this year and not find something saturated with hatred.

The guy is the writer of pseudo history The Pink Swastika. That book puts Nazi atrocities at the feet of gay men.

It should surprise no one that Lively, who is being sued over his role in encouraging Uganda to further criminalize homosexuality, thinks same-sex love is worse than murder.

‘Homosexuality is not just another sin, it is the sin that defines rebellion against God, the outer edge of rebellion against God and it is the harbinger of God’s wrath, that’s why the Scripture gives the warning, “as in the days of Noah,"’ Lively opined earlier this month.

Maybe Lively and the unmanned ISIS dude can compare notes?


1. The Rev. James David Manning takes the 2014 prize. Hands down. No questions asked.

The leader of  ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York City has warned black women to be on the watch for ‘white homos’  because they are stealing their men.

Apparently, President Barack Obama ‘released the homo demons on the black man.’

Don’t forget the pastor’s ‘scientific’ theory about ‘upscale sodomites’ spreading Ebola.

However, his proposition that Starbucks puts male semen in its coffee deserves the honor of being the most homophobic nonsense uttered in 2014.

We were certain he walked this idea back because it was taken from a hoax news web site. Called the pastor to make certain. We should have saved our dime.

‘No, it’s not a theory,’ he said to GSN in a phone interview.

‘Starbucks is the business of making money,’ he continued. ‘The product has to be superior and the company  has to come up with a product to draw people in.’

No actual proof was offered.

The good reverend isn’t too concerned about the company coming after him for such outlandish talk.

‘They certainly don’t want to tangle with me,’ he intoned.

Can’t you imagine the fear at Starbucks’ headquarters?

He did accuse GSN of trolling him.

Not certain why that charge was made. This was the first time this reporter spoke to him.

Also why would we treat him so shabbily? Manning gave us a shout out in one of his missives. We appreciated the mention.

Below is the pastor’s hard hitting expose on Starbucks’ and its ‘flavored up coffee.’

So, there it is.  What’s  on your list? Hopefully when 2015 ends, there won’t be so many examples to choose from.