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21 photos you need to see from Tel Aviv Pride this weekend

21 photos you need to see from Tel Aviv Pride this weekend

Tel Aviv Pride 2017

Over 200,000 people came together to celebrate Tel Aviv Pride this weekend.

The theme for this year’s Pride is called Let It B and is focussed on bisexual visibility. The official song Blonde and Brunette, is also explicitly about bisexuality.

The annual event started at 10am with a large fair in the Me’ir Park. It makes its way down the neighborhood streets of Trumpeldor, Allenby, Ha’Rav Kook, Ezra Ha’Sofer in the heart of Tel Aviv to the Charles Clore Garden by the sea.

There’s also an all-day beach party with live shows and DJs, opposite the golden sands of Tel Aviv’s beaches.

‘There’s no Pride in occupation’

During the Pride event, activists blocked the parade march to protest Palestinian rights.

Dozens of activists stood in front of a wall with the words: ‘There’s no pride in occupation.’

The police immediately responded to the action, pushing the protestors to the sidewalk.

Tanya Rubinstein, a queer activist and General Coordinator at Coalition of Women for Peace explained why the activists decided to block the march.

She said: ‘We came to the Tel Aviv Pride Parade, which the Israeli government uses to whitewash the crimes of the occupation, in order to remind everyone that the LGBTQ community’s struggle is part of a larger struggle for freedom and human rights, and we cannot disconnect it from the struggle against separation walls and the continuing, systematic oppression of the occupation.

‘This march does not belong to the police or the Tel Aviv municipality — it belongs to those who struggle for their rights, and thus it is a place where it is both fitting and necessary to protest and demonstrate,’ she said.

See our collection of the best photos from Tel Aviv Pride:

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