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21 pics of London’s Winter Pride, one of the first LGBTI events of 2019

21 pics of London’s Winter Pride, one of the first LGBTI events of 2019

Drag performers at London's Winter Pride.

If you thought you had to wait until this summer for Pride events in London, you might want to think again.

The UK capital has celebrated its LGBTI community on 26 January with a Winter Pride. The party was one of the first LGBTI events of the year in the western world.

Gay, bi, lesbian, trans people and allies took to the dancefloor to warm up London’s cold winter.

The annual Pride in London parade will take place as usual next summer, on 6 July.

A Magical Circus across four rooms

London’s Winter Pride event transformed King’s Cross’s Scala into a Magical Circus experience. The annual event lived up to its promise to ‘excite, unite and delight’.

The event took place in four ‘awe-inspiring’ circus-themed rooms. Revelers got into the spirit of the night with bold body makeovers courtesy of Seventa Makeup Academy.

Winter Pride also featured a variety of well known LGBTI performers from across the scene.

Hosted by John Sizzle, performers included Margo Marshall, Mzz Kimberley, El Conchitas, Misty B, DJ Lady Lola, Neil Prince and more.

Winter Pride for Chechnya

Winter Pride raised funds on the night to support action by All Out and the UK Pride Organiser’s Network in support of LGBTIs in Chechnya. People in the community are currently facing violence and persecution in the Russian region.

Action was also taken on 27 January with a Gilbert Baker original flag being wrapped around the Russian Embassy in protest.

Take a look at the best pictures of the event below:

All pictures by LERC Designs.

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