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25 Christmas tipples to make the festive season go with a bang

25 Christmas tipples to make the festive season go with a bang

Coole Swan | Photo: Provided

Absolut Vanilia

Nothing says Christmas quite like a cocktail! And did you know the porn star martini was recently crowned the UK’s favorite cocktail? This fruity writer loves nothing more than a fruity cocktail and Absolut Vanilla is the perfect mix for this – it’s rich, robust and complex. It has a distinct character of vanilla and notes butterscotch. Combine it with passionfruit and lime and you’re in for a treat! Cheers (literally).


Xeco Amontillado

Nothing whispers festive as sherry does. Xeco Amontillado is the perfect dry drink to sip while watching holiday flicks and binging on spiced pretzels. Or better yet, a slice of cheese… or many. The pink shade of the packaging contrasts with the amber hue of the liquor. Just like the cherries of this Spanish favorite creates an unlikely yet delicious combination with almonds and raisins. Sit back, relax and let this boozy honey take you for a sweet, sweet ride. Note to self: don’t slice the cheese yourself after having had too many glasses.


Mr Trotter’s Chestnut Ale

Certain drinks will get you partying into the night, others will get you sinking into the seat in satisfaction. Mr Trotter’s Chestnut Beer is the latter: a dessert beer to wash down the 5000 calories you just consumed. The sweetness and bitterness is finely balanced and the chestnuts give it the creamy consistency to send you away on your 5pm nap. Light the matching Mr Trotter’s Candle and you’ll be dreaming of your favorite pub.



I drink way too much diet cola and have struggled to kick the habit because I need a mid-afternoon pick me up at work, but I don’t drink coffee. So I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Flyte green mango drink. After drinking Flyte a couple of times I felt instantly alert. I didn’t get a short-lived sugar high, followed by a sharp drop in energy. But rather felt immediately invigorated which was sustained for a few hours.


Gordon’s London Gin

Theres a reason the gin and tonic is such a bloody classic. Part of its magic is that the gin and tonic is better than the sum of its parts. The botanicals – predominantly juniper – of the gin are wonderfully offset with the tart freshness of the tonic. But, our old friend the gin and tonic is also incredibly versatile, and of course, Gordon’s is one of the most famous and reliable gins there is. Serve it with a wedge of citrus – orange is my favorite – for a refreshing summer’s afternoon tipple. Alternatively, pop in a sprig of rosemary for an after-dinner winter nightcap.


Coole Swan Superior Irish Cream Liqueur

Christmas is a time for festivity, family and friends and what better way to share memories than with a great drink. Coole Swan Superior Irish Creme Liqueur is the perfect drink for that. Its smooth rich taste goes down a treat but it delivered a tasteful kick as it does. Unlike similar liquor drinks, Coole Swan doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste, just the sweet buttery taste of the cream. I would recommend this drink for your festive parties, Christmas Eve by the fireplace or as a gift for your nearest and dearest.



The gin you drink in the summer is light and botanical; Gin de France’s Citadelle Reserve is begging you to consume it in the winter. The dried spices make it stand out from the summer counterpart. Meanwhile, the cutting taste of ginger enshrines the tipple as the one of choice on the early evening Christmas drinking shift, when the food is digested and you’re about to fight your brother over a game of Pictionary.


Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire remains my go-to gin of choice. Refreshing and crisp, its ice blue winter vibes make it the perfect accompaniment to winter cocktails. But if you are looking for something to warm you up or and a Christmas twist to your gin, warm up some white wine with your favorite mulled wine ingredients, add some Bombay Sapphire, orange bitters and a little sugar. You’ll get a mulled gin drink, that is festive and delicious.


Belvoir Mulled Winter Punch and Spiced Ginger Punch

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic option that won’t make you regret going dry, Belvoir Fruit Farms offers a delicious, rich alternative.

Their Festive Fruit Punch might lack booze but makes it up to you with a full, round flavor. Heat it up, pour it in a mug and enjoy the smell of nutmeg and cinnamon. Let it cool down before indulging in its cranberries and orange juice. Miss that kick? Add a splash of vodka and you’ll have a perfect festive drink.


10 Red Leg Spiced Rum

What makes this drink stand out from the rest if that extra hint of flavor. It’s not so different that you forget it’s rum, but it’s also got a little festive kick. This is all thanks to the Jamaican vanilla, ginger, and spices. The issue with having a drink on Christmas Day is that you want something different from what you normally drink as it’s a special occasion. But also, we’re all creatures of habit and you don’t want something that is too different. Red Leg Spiced Rum is that perfect middle ground.


11 Baileys Chocolat Luxe Cream Liqueur

A classic gets a deliciously indulgent twist with Baileys Chocolat Luxe Cream Liqueur. An enveloping experience of dark Belgian chocolate, Irish whiskey, cream and Madagascan vanilla, the result is richness epitomized, and not in the least calorific. (It’s undoubtedly very calorific). You can try the drink at the brand’s pop up Treat Bar in London’s Covent Garden this festive season, featuring an array of festive cocktail and hot drinks recipes, including some invented by Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing and Alex Mutton.


12 Pierre Ferrand 10 Generations Cognac

Pierre Ferrand and his family have been making their eponymous cognac since 1630. The centuries expertise in the heart of France’s brandy region shows. 10 Generations’ flavors are complex. Its uniqueness begins with a rich scent on the nose, continues on the tongue and ends with that wonderful warming sensation down the throat. Best enjoyed beside a real log fire with a fine cigar.


13 Cointreau

It’s the festive time of year again and you may be looking to spice up your drinks cabinet or want to offer a new cocktail to your friends and family this Christmas. Made with orange peel and created in France, Cointreau is totally clear and 100% natural. A simple but timeless beverage would be to mix it with ice, soda water and lime juice. Cointreau Fizz can also be adapted for classic cocktails such as White Lady, Cosmopolitan and Sidecard.


14 CÎROC Black Raspberry

Sharp notes of black raspberry combine with the punch of vodka to create a sensation as slick and glamorous as the design of the bottle of one of Ciroc’s latest flavors. It’s distilled five times to make this vodka of the highest quality.


15 Duppy Share Rum

Colour me delighted when on a cold, rainy winter’s night in London, I felt instantly transported to a Caribbean island when I took my first sip of Duppy Share rum. The combination of rum from Jamaica and Barbados, the Duppy Share, is a very smooth but unique rum experience.


16 Dingle Gin

Botanical gins are a bit more summer-in-the-park than jingle bells, but you might want to make an exception for Dingle. It’s exceptionally filtered, leaving such a wondrous fragrant taste you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s spring. It’s great on its own with some ice and absolutely don’t waste it by mixing with Schweppes.


17 Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey

Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey is the perfect entry-level tipple. Aged first in bourbon barrels before being moved to sherry, the ageing process has sanded off the harshness and smokiness, leaving a wonderfully smooth drink. Drink with ice and it practically slides down your throat, while still delivering a gentle whiskey punch. Also works well with cola – just don’t tell your dad.


18 Porter’s Old Tom Gin

Porter’s Tropical Old Tom Gin is subtle yet exciting. As a (responsible) gin fanatic, I always look for gins that are a unique and eccentric – a little out of the ordinary like the best of us. The fruity undertones replace the harsh burn of drier gins, so it’s a real joy to drink. I’d recommend drinking it with a small amount of tonic, some ice and a passion fruit garnish.


19 Silent Pool Gin

Silent Pool Gin is the kind of gin you give to someone that hates gin. Chance is, they would have only had inferior spirits in the past. But this gin is full bodied, full of flavor, and is rich and clean. If the gin-hater in your life still doesn’t like this beautiful flowery bottle of booze, then it’s likely they’ll never like gin at all.


20 Jawbox Rhubarb and Ginger Gin

Beautiful and refreshing, this is perfect to add a fruity twist to the most traditional cocktails. You will immediately notice a very sweet but still pleasant rhubarb taste followed by the warm and piercing flavour from the ginger. Due to its 20% ABV, I find it hard to identify this drink as fully fledged gin falling, in my opinion, more into the category of a gin-based liqueur. As someone who likes to gather his friends around the house for a good cocktail and a entertaining chat, this will definitely be an addition to my list of must have drinks.


21 Johnnie Walker ‘White Walker’ whiskey

Whether you need to warm your cockles in Winterfell or celebrating another Red Wedding, you need something special. Why not try this White Walker whiskey? This bottle of Johnnie Walker is made to celebrate Game of Thrones. You’ll probably need it if your favorite character dies in the final season!


22 Conker Spirit Navy Strength Gin

Conker is a smooth gin, yet packs a punch. The optimum combination is with slimline tonic water and a slice of cucumber. You will be surprised about how flavorsome the gin is, considering it’s 56% ABV. Even though I felt tipsy after one glass, it’s easy to see why the Navy are such fans. As someone who likes to gather his friends around his roof terrace for a cheeky G&T and a gossip, this will definitely be an addition to my list of must-have drinks. I’m usually a vodka girl, but in my opinion, I will always consider Conker as one of my regular tipples.


23 CÎROC X Moschino

The other Ciroc bottle was pretty cool, but this one obviously takes the very fashionable cake. It’s less bottle of vodka, more eye-catching Moschino accessory, with the blue and gold design coming courtesy of Moschino’s Jeremy Scott. Gift this, and the previously mentioned CIROC, complete with a personalized glass via GetItINKD.

24 Duvel

If beer is your thing and are looking for something different over the festive season, Duvel Belgian bottled beer should be on you list! This brand is a clear light color with a white frothy head with an aroma that is mostly grassy and floral with yeast notes. Taste follows with spicy yeast, slightly lemony with grassy bitterness. Duvel is not too fizzy with medium to high carbonation. Although I’m not a fan of strong Belgian ales, this one deserves its fantastic reputation and will be in my fridge this Christmas.


25 When in Rome wine 

Boxed wine gets a bed rep in the UK, whereas over half of all wine sold in Norway, Finland and Sweden is cols in a box. When In Rome, which is available online while also being stocked in the likes of Harvey Nichols and Waitrose, puts a classier spin on the trend. The Grillo DOC Sicilia white wine is of crisp, impeccable quality, and like all When In Rome varieties, stays fresh for up to six weeks. Take that, corked wine!