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The 25 most bizarre questions bisexuals are asked

The 25 most bizarre questions bisexuals are asked

The other night I was sat with this bisexual girl outside a club and a guy asked if we had boyfriends.

I said ‘no I’m a lesbian’ and then he turned to her and asked if she was too. She responded with ‘No, I’m bisexual’.

He then scoffs and says ‘No. You’re just greedy or just say that for attention’.

At which point we told him to ‘do’ one and went back inside the club.

Yet another intellectually challenging conversation on a night out.

In my experience, bisexuals get quite a lot of stick from both straights and even the rest of our community.

So GSN asked our bisexual readers: What are the most common/bizarre questions you have been asked as a bisexual?

And oh my, all responses can pretty much be boiled down to ‘bisexuals are not greedy sex fiends’.

They can be probably be split into four categories, the ‘weird assumptions on how bisexual relationships work’ category, sex (of course), the ‘make up your mind’ questions, and the just plain ridiculous.

The ‘weird assumptions on how bisexual relationships work’ category:

1) ‘What’s it like having a boyfriend and girlfriend at the same time?’ (Hizaki Akira)

2) ‘Then why are you married to your husband?’ (Donna Elliott)

3) ‘So you are totally cool with sharing a girl with your boyfriend?’ (Julia Largay)

4) ‘Who are you going to marry?’ (Jayh Jain)

5) ‘So I assume you’re always in an open relationship, right?’ (Val Ventura)

6) ‘Could you be in a relationship without cheating on your partner?’ (Yamil Abraham Gerstner Javid)

7) ‘You can’t have a real relationship then can you?’ (Morgan Sherwood)

8) ‘Do you consider it cheating if you have a boyfriend and girlfriend at the same time?’ (Mary Seidel)

9) When in a relationship with a guy, Rayanne Paulman gets asked ‘Oh so you’re straight now?’

10) ‘So, when you’re with a woman you’re lesbian and when you’re with a man you’re straight.’ – (Rachel Condliffe)

To all of these, a ‘no’ or a withering look will probably suffice.

The ‘sex’ category. Because apparently finding both genders attractive is incredibly difficult to understand.

11) ‘What? Do you you like fuck all of them!?’ (Donna Elliott)

12) ‘How much do you guys scissor?’ (Sidney Angel Singh)

13) ‘Can you find a bi girl so we can have threesomes?’ (Lucy Rawkins)

14) ‘So does this mean you like girls to wear a strap on?’ (Michael Price)

15) ‘How many threesomes have you been in?’ (Ashley Nicole Michaelson)

16) ‘Don’t you miss boobs/dick?’ (Ola Woszczynska)

17) ‘What’s the difference between fucking guys and fucking girls?’ (James Blake)

18) [From an ex-girlfriend] ‘How can I trust you not to have sex with another guy?’ (Peter Coulson)

19) ‘Can I watch you have a threesome? No, seriously. Can I watch you have a threesome? Please. I’ll pay.’ (Georgia Stoke)

When bisexuality is completely dismissed, by both gays and straights, it’s frustrating. While a lot of these are statements rather than questions, these are clearly made by people who have already made up their minds on what being bisexual means.

20) ‘You’re just being greedy, wanting the best of both worlds.’ (Lucy Rawkins)

21) ‘When are you going to decide what side you are going to settle on?’ (Robert Fletcher)

22) ‘You’re just experimenting, come back when you have a real sexual identity crisis.’ (Sarah Ellsberry)

23) ‘Being bisexual is hardly a real thing, you just must be a lesbian and don’t wanna come out yet.’ (Morgan Sherwood)

The ‘plain whack’ questions category:

24) When in high school, an older boy found out about Ashley Nicole Michaelson’s sexuality. He then asked her if she didn’t get hugged enough as a child… Seriously, what?

25) And possibly our favorite. Tracey Martin said: ‘My boyfriend at the time asked me if I was sexually attracted to myself after I told him I was bisexual.

‘Really? Being attracted to women means I have to be sexually attracted to all women? Including myself?’

What’s the most bizarre question have you been asked? Leave a comment below! – See more at:

What’s the most bizarre question have you been asked? Leave a comment below!

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