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30 inspiring images celebrating the arrival of Pride month

30 inspiring images celebrating the arrival of Pride month

Zakar twins Mike and Zach posed on Instagram

June is celebrated as Pride Month in the US – an honor acknowledged by an increasing number of brands and corporations. Sports giants such as adidas and Nike have unveiling Pride collections, and Target has produced a range of rainbow-themed merchandise despite boycott threats.

This week, in its latest update, Instagram unveiled a range of Pride Month stickers for users to adhere to their instant videos.

The company says each of the six stickers were designed by LGBT artists. If you tap a sticker in someone’s story, you’ll get information on who designed it. These include Brooklyn-based Cute Brute (@thecutebrute) and British-based Josh McKenna (@jshmck).

‘I was beyond excited and honored to be asked to illustrate a Pride sticker for Instagram,’ another of the designers, Carra Sykes (@carrasykes) told GSN.

‘Since coming out, I’ve been wanting to make more LGBTQ+ art and design as a voice for the community in some way shape or form,’ said the Texas-based artist.

‘I love how Instagram hired LGBTQ artists to make the stickers. Makes me so happy. I’m on Instagram a lot throughout the day and when I see one of the stickers I made on someone’s story, it’s surreal!’

Instagram has also added a rainbow brush to add some extra Pride to your story.

Cutebrute told GSN he was a ‘tremendous honor’ to be invited to contribute to the Instagram Pride sticker project

‘I was beyond flattered! Not only to work with Instagram itself – and the monumental exposure involved – but also to be featured alongside such other talented queer artists. For me, this sense of creative community and collaborating with like minds has always been one the biggest perks of Instagram.’

The #PrideMonth and #PrideMonth2017 hashtags went viral on social media.

Below are just some of the inspiring images to kick-start the month.

1. YouTube vloggers the Zakar Twins

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2. Travel alternative: Sashay away

3. One Nation One Team

4. With love from Utah

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5. It’s all about pride

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6. Love yourself and others

7. Gay enough for you?

Is this gay enough for you #pridefest2017 #trans #pridemonth

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8. We want this skirt!


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9. Be proud of who you are

Be proud of who you are #pridemonth

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10. ‘I’m so happy that I’m able to be who I am now’

11. More pride!

More pride! #lgbt #peoplephotography #pride #pridemonth #rainbow #canon #canoneosm #sunlight

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12. The perfect rainbow

13. Gay and proud

Happy #PrideMonth! ️ #gayandproud

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14. ‘Don’t dream it. Be it’ says Susan Sarandon

15. Mark your calendar!

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16. These boots were made for marching

They are a pain to wear atm but worth it. Gosh #drmartens #pridemonth

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17. ‘I am not confused’

18. ‘I’m real happy y’all.’

I’m real happy y’all. ❤️ #PrideMonth #LoveIsLove

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19. ‘It’s OK to be queer’

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20. West Hollywood pride

21. Boystown Chicago

#boystown #chicago #pride #pridemonth #pride2017

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22. Tattooed with pride

23. True colors

Dont be afraid to show off your true colors… #lgbt #lgbtpride #pridemonth #pride2017 #pride #queer

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24. Nailed it!

happy pride month

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25. Flagged in Ferndale

Happy Pride Month! ️❤️#pridemonth #lgbtqi #loveislove #lgbtrightsarehumanrights

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26. Gay days and nights

27. Make-up man

28. Pride in Saipan

#equality #pridemonth2017 #betrue 我和男盆友lee!

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29. The eyes have it

30. Nailed it again!