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LGBTI choir performs opposite UK parliament ahead of Brexit vote

LGBTI choir performs opposite UK parliament ahead of Brexit vote

Brexit and LGBTI Rights

An LGBTI choir performed opposite the UK Parliament ahead on the vote on EU Withdrawal Bill, expected on 12 June.

The event, organized by Amnesty, Liberty and Stonewall, urged MPs to keep Lords amendments to Brexit Bill and protect the rights of the LGBTI community after leaving the EU.

The idea of joining two LGBTI choirs comes from the very concept of joining communities together, explains Amnesty’s Law & Human Rights Programme Director Rachel Logan.

The singers performed powerful, political hymns, such as Bread and Roses, and the latest LGBTI anthem, This Is Me. In the soundtrack of the movie The Greatest Showman, the song won the Golden Globe and was nominated for Best Song at the Academy Awards earlier this year.

‘Music is able to bring home the reality and the emotion of what will be at stake with the withdrawal bill’, she says.

‘The LGBTI community can’t afford to lose the EU Charter’

Amendment 5, proposed by barrister and crossbench peer David Pannick, would transfer the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights into domestic law. If the Commons will not vote in favor of the amendment, LGBTI rights might be at risk.

“The charter is the only concrete international instrument which expressly prohibits discrimination against sexual orientation,” adds Logan.

Chief executive of the Human Dignity Trust Jonathan Cooper warned on the possible threat that Brexit represents for the LGBTI community.

‘We can’t afford to lose the only international treaty protecting the LGBTI community,’ he says.

Should the Commons decide not to vote for the amendments, “we’d be losing our dignity and a plethora of other rights. We simply wouldn’t be part of UK law”.

Watch the performance now:

‘The LGBTI community can’t afford to lose the EU charter’: watch this LGBTI choir perform The Greatest Showman’s ‘This is me’ outside UK parliament ahead of tomorrow’s vote on EU Withdrawal Bill

Posted by Gay Star News on Monday, 11 June 2018

This is how Brexit could hurt you as an LGBTI person in the UK

Brexit will leave UK LGBT people dangerously unprotected if a future government is homophobic or transphobic, our new report reveals.

Gay Star News commissioned leading lawyers in LGBTI human rights to write Brexit: The LGBT Impact Assessment.

They conclude that the European Union helped deliver many of our rights and protections.

And they say that leaving the EU will leave British LGBT people vulnerable if a future government is less supportive. Currently the EU locks the UK into protecting people on the basis of sexuality and gender identity. And it provides gay, bi and trans people with a legal route to appeal if the UK doesn’t treat them fairly.

The report also shows the EU has helped drive UK LGBTI rights forward, particularly in the last two decades. It asks how the government could do that alone, and whether progress will slow once we leave the EU?

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