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33 men arrested, paraded naked in Egypt gay bathhouse raid

33 men arrested, paraded naked in Egypt gay bathhouse raid

Egyptian police arrested at least 33 men for ‘perversion’ after raiding an alleged gay Cairo hammam (sauna) last night (7 December).

Paraded naked as they were loaded on to trucks, the men shielded their faces from the glare of the media and other onlookers.

Along the police were Central Security Forces, an army forces formed of new recruits.

General Ali al-Demerdash, head of the Cairo security directorate, said the men were arrested in ‘a common public bathhouse in the Azbakeya neighborhood of Cairo for practising debauchery’.

Journalist Mona Iraqi, working for the al-Qahira wal Nas news channel, entered the sauna ahead of the security forces and boasted on her Facebook about her exclusive.

‘With pictures, we reveal the biggest den of group perversion in the heart of Cairo,’ she says, according to a translation by LGBTI campaigner and Middle East expert Scott Long.

‘In the bath, there are spaces for group perversion… Police arrested the men who were in the baths, caught in the act during a group sex party. They also arrested the head of the den and all the workers. They were immediately transported to the prosecution with no clothes. Their clothes were taken as evidence in the case.

‘The El Mostakbai program will be shown next Wednesday [December 10]: the whole story of the dens for spreading AIDS in Egypt.’

This incident shows Egypt’s crackdown of the LGBTI community is only getting worse.

In September, seven Egyptian men were arrested of debauchery after appearing in a video that showed two men getting married on a Nile riverboat.