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4 dishes to prove that apples taste good with virtually anything

4 dishes to prove that apples taste good with virtually anything

What's not to love about apples and cheese?

Apples are one of the best-loved fruit, not just in the UK but probably around the world – they’re juicy, sweet and can easily be eaten on the go.

Most people think they’re a no frills kind of fruit, and most recipes involving apple are: bake them into pies, flavor cocktails with them or add them to a meat-based dish to give it another layer.

But as simple as an apple seems, there’s a lot you’re missing out on if you think pairing apple and cheese is the limit – Pink Lady® apples are all-round talents and nicely compliment even adventurous flavors.

So, next time you’re cooking, why not go with some more unusual combinations?

To help you decide what to try first, we have collected our favorite combinations which won’t just leave you feeling surprised but also take no more than 40 minutes to prepare and cook – each one is an absolute winner!


First-class taste and a bit of crunch -  the combination apple, broccoli and horseradish is a very satisfying one.
Ticking all the boxes: broccoli, horseradish and apple make for a satisfying salad.

Tenderstem®, horseradish, Pink Lady® apple and toasted hazelnut salad

Apple and nut may be a familiar combination (and a very nice one, too) – but combining it with Tenderstem® and horseradish turns this salad into an absolute game changer.

A horseradish-based dressing gives the salad a zingy, fiery kick while crisp broccoli adds an amazing dash of color, going well with its subtle, earthy flavor.

Finished with thin slices of Pink Lady® apples and crushed walnuts – and served while hot – this summer favorite doesn’t just surprise in terms of flavor but also clocks some extra point for texture.

Get the full recipe here.


Sour Tamarind, sweet apple and chili - if that doesn't get your mouth watering, we don't know what will.
Sour Tamarind, sweet apple and chili – if that doesn’t get your mouth watering, we don’t know what will.

Hot and sour Pink Lady® apple and prawn stir fry

I love a bit of chili, but truth be told I never considered pairing it with apple before.

Yet it makes sense – the apple balances out the spice and gives it some depth instead of just leaving you with a fiery sensation that may end up overpowering the whole dish.

Tamarind past adds a sourness, which works well enough with fiery chili already, but add in a Pink Lady® apple, cut into strips, and its subtle sweetness will give the dish that extra oomph!

Check out the detailed recipe here.


Don't believe cheese, anchovies, capers and apple can play nice together? This will prove you wrong.
Cheese, anchovies, capers and apple play very nice together, indeed.

Grilled halloumi and Pink Lady® apple wedges with caper, anchovy and herb dressing

Yes, anchovies and capers are strong tastes and mixing them together may fill you with doubt, but do believe me when I say they enhance rather than overpower everything else.

The lovely, creamy base of halloumi cheese works a charm in bringing out all the flavors – including its own – and turning it into a refreshing rather than a heavy dish.

A real winner on a hot day, this recipe combines creamy, sweet, sharp and salty and is a guaranteed to wow not just yourself, but any guests you may have over.

Get the recipe here.


Sugar, spice and everything nice - we're having seconds, please.
Sugar, spice and everything nice – we’re having seconds, please.

Baked Pink Lady® apple

If this makes you think of Christmas and days spent in front of the fireplace (or snuggled up under a blanket) – think again, because baked apples aren’t always about marzipan filling, cinnamon and sugar.

Transform it into a year-round dish by stepping away from the warm spices and adding pink peppercorns instead – their spice is a bit cooler, but equally as exciting.

Cranberries and currants give it some zing, while candied peel, brown sugar and Cointreau add to the apple’s natural, fruity sweetness; adding white whine, apple juice or water to the baking dish prevents your dessert from growing dry.

Click here to get the full recipe.