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4 tips for a fit, healthy body on the road from gay travelers Nomadic Boys

4 tips for a fit, healthy body on the road from gay travelers Nomadic Boys

Nomadic Boys Stefan and Sebastien share their top fitness tips

Cute gay couple Stefan Arestis and Sebastien Chaneac have been traveling the globe almost non-stop for their cool blog Nomadic Boys for over two years now.

And as their many followers know, the guys know a thing or two about staying in tip top condition while on the road.

But that’s not to say they deprive themselves.

‘We love our food – the first thing we do in each new destination we visit is set out to discover all the local flavors,’ Stefan tell us.

‘But we have to keep an eye on the physique, otherwise the Nomadic Boys would quickly become the Nomadic Blobs!’ adds Sebastien.

Here, the intrepid travelers boil their approach to health and fitness down to four simple points…


1 Mentality

‘The starting point is your mentality,’ says Stefan. ‘This may sound obvious, but if you want to keep fit, then you’re already half way there. With the right mentality firmly in place, then what? We break this down into the following three parts.

‘For us, fitness is super important. We prioritise it and make it part of our daily schedule. It not only does wonders for self-esteem and confidence, it allows us to pull off those vain Speedo shots – like the above, taken in Gran Canaria!’


2 Cardio training

‘Cardio vascular training is important for overall fitness,’ says Sebastien. ‘The heart is a muscle and needs to be exercised, otherwise it will get weaker. There are countless studies showing how cardio helps to lower depression, tackle stress, reduce the risk of cancers and much more.’

‘When booking a base to stay, we always seek out places near a large green space. Local parks are a blessing when you’re looking to keep trim. Doing a few laps around one for 5-10km is the best way to burn off heavy meals and unwanted calories. It’s also a lot of fun, especially with a local running group or friends.

‘We also look out for local swimming pools to use and incorporate adventure sports in our travels whenever possible. We love trekking, scuba diving and kayaking – the above pic is me in Koh Tarutao, Thailand.

Working out at the super cool outdoor gym of #SeasidePalmBeach in #GranCanaria

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3 Weight training

‘It’s all well and good doing lots of cardio, but that’s not going to keep the pecks firm or bring out the biceps in those tight T-shirts,’ adds Sebastien. ‘If we’re staying in a place long enough, we always try to enrol in a local gym.

‘Otherwise, we try and stick to a daily routine of body weights circuit training, four rounds of seven exercises, one minute each. Examples include push ups (targets the chest), triceps dips from a chair, a variety of abs exercises and pull ups if you can find a pull up bar. For a more detailed breakdown of our body weight exercises, visit our blog.

‘The hard part is the will to do it (remember: mentality!). It’s so easy to make up excuses to skip it, and doing this with your partner/travel buddy definitely helps you motivate each other.’


4 Eating clean

‘Exercising everyday is all well and good, but your body needs the right nutrition to keep fit and in shape,’ continues Stefan, who is pictured above with Sebastien in Tokyo, Japan. ‘This is again down to mentality and your approach to food.’

He adds: ‘We’re careful to avoid processed foods and to prioritise fresh products. A balanced Nomadic Boys meal will always contain a source of protein, vegetables and carbs.

‘We also make fresh fruits and vegetables a daily priority. In every new place we visit, we seek out the local market to stock up on a few days’ fruit. Shopping for fruits is not only a fun way to discover a new place but at the same time you learn about new exotic fruits, like Ecuadorian pitayas, red Indian bananas or Chinese dragon fruits.’

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