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40 people injured as gay nightclub floor collapses in Tenerife

40 people injured as gay nightclub floor collapses in Tenerife

Several injured, two 'seriously' hurt as floor collapses during drag show

Forty people were injured after a Tenerife gay nightclub floor collapsed yesterday (26 November).

The Butterfly Disco Club in Adeje, at about 2.30am, was in the middle of a drag performance when the floor gave way sending party-goers plunging into the basement.

While the vast majority of the victims were Spanish, several foreign nationals were hurt.

Gay nightclub floor collapses in Tenerife, Spain

Two French men aged 38 and 40, two British men aged 57 and 59, a 45-year-old Romanian man and a 23-year-old Belgian woman were among the injured, according to the regional government of Spain’s Canary Islands.

‘After the floor collapsed, the people who were inside fell to the basement from the height of approximately one floor,’ it said.

Watch the floor collapsing in this video:

Firefighters picked through rubble with their hands in the basement of the nightclub attempting to find anyone trapped.

They remained at the scene until 6am.

Thankfully, no one was in the basement at the time of the collapse.

Two injuries deemed ‘serious’

Emergency services took 21 people to hospital and treated another person at the scene who was released, the regional government said.

Another 18 people went to hospital by their own means to be treated, the mayor of Tenerife said.

The injuries included broken legs, ankle sprains and bruises. Two of the injuries were deemed serious.

The Butterfly, a popular gay nightclub in Tenerife, features drag shows and Go-Go dancers on Saturday nights.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

The club’s license is in order and was not overcrowded when the floor caved in.