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41 men arrested in ‘gay raid’ of Kuwait massage parlor

41 men arrested in ‘gay raid’ of Kuwait massage parlor

Kuwait has previously tried to crack down on 'cross-dressers'.

41 allegedly ‘gay men and trans women’ have been arrested for prostituting themselves in a massage parlor in Kuwait.

Police sent an undercover officer to the parlor in the capital of Kuwait City to pay for a ‘massage’, a cost of 10 dinars ($33, €30) and then negotiated for the sexual services.

Once a joint governmental committee of the interior ministry, immigration and manpower authority had confirmed what was happening, police raided the parlor and arrested the workers involved.

‘During the raid, we found sexual toys and substances, women’s underwear and make up kits in some parlors,’ Mohammad Al Dhufairi, the head of the joint committee, said, according to Al Rai.

‘We are serious about the full application of the law and we will continue our zero-tolerance policy towards abusers and violators.’

Homosexuality is effectively illegal in Kuwait. Breaking the law of ‘debauchery’, which is most often used to target the LGBTI community, is punished by prison time of up to six years. In 2015, police launched a crackdown on what they branded as ‘cross-dressers’. Prostitution is also illegal, but is very common.