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46% of bi women have been raped in their lifetime, says UN report

46% of bi women have been raped in their lifetime, says UN report

The UN report suggests bisexual women are most at risk of sexual violence

A new United Nations report on violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity has found that bi women are more at risk from sexual violence.

The report was presented at the 38th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva this month.

It also found that LGBTQ people are generally more at risk of physical and sexual violence then their heterosexual counterparts.

‘Shocking rates’

The report claims: ‘Research reveals that bisexual persons are more prone than lesbian or gay persons to experience intimate partner violence, with shocking rates of intimate partner violence, domestic violence, rape, and sexual assault.’

It furthermore notes: ‘Trans and gender non-conforming persons, especially when they are persons of color, belong to ethnic minorities or are migrants, living with HIV, or sex workers, are particularly at risk of violence, including of killing, beatings, mutilation, rape, and other forms of abuse and maltreatment.’

Some 69% of bi woman respondents said they have been raped or suffered physical violence and/or stalking from a partner. The number for bi men is 37%.

Meanwhile, 698,000 LGBTQ respondents said they had undergone conversion therapy, half of whom while they were teenagers.

Another statistic to emerge from the report is that 2,609 trans and gender non-confirming people have been murdered across 71 countries between 2008 and 2017. However, the number is believed to be much higher due to a lack of accurate data.

H/T: LGBTQ Nation