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5 best responses to gay Reddit user who said 26 is 'old'

'The best years are done', he said

5 best responses to gay Reddit user who said 26 is 'old'
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Youth and beauty are great, but they're not everything!

A gay Reddit user has caused a stir on the discussion website by asking if at 26 he is ‘old’.

The anonymous writer, who disclosed that he is a sex worker, cited ‘less interest now’ compared to two years ago.

He also observed on the ‘askgaybros’ forum how saunas in his area were offering discounted rates to under 25s.

Heartbreakingly, he signed off his post saying: ‘The best years are done.’

I’m getting to old for the roles I loved

His post in full reads:

‘So, I know it shouldn’t matter, but I admit this has been bothering me of late. I will just admit this here – I liked being considered young and “cute” and I feel that puts my best years in the past. I’ll never be particularly athletic guy as I don’t like exercise, and felt I appealed to men into slim, boyish types in the past. Opinions in general as well as men who like this type are both appreciated.

‘I am also a sex worker, and have noticed less interest now compared to two years ago, although there are loads of other confounding factors there. The saunas and stuff around my area also offer lower prices to under-25s, which seems like a pretty clear signal those ages are considered more attractive.

‘Finally, it’s also depressing because that sort of playful, teasing “boy” role was what I loved. I feel I have to give that up to not be the last guy at the party, which feels like I’m losing who I was. Throwaway because not proud of this question. Tl;dr I feel I’m getting to old for the roles I loved in the gay world, and the best years are done.’

At the time of writing, the post had attracted 106 comments. A few identified with the writer.

‘I didn’t realize how quickly it fades to shit’

Said one: ‘When I was 20, an older gay friend described me as “blessed”; I didn’t realize how quickly it fades to shit.’

Said another: ‘This confirms everything I hate about my age. You’re correct on all points. It truly is downhill from a surprisingly early point.’

He furthermore added: ‘I actually already have a relationship of three years, but this new life offers a husk of what came before. There can be contented moments, but never anything as colourful as excitement or curiosity, it’s all responsibility, routine, and suck. I now have to have a career and spend 90% of my time doing or thinking things I don’t want to. Give me a brain aneurysm in my sleep, please.’

However, most rallied around the guy to support him and offer some pretty frank life lessons. Here are five of the most illuminating…

1 ‘Who says that?’

‘No…seriously, WHO SAYS THAT? four eighteen year old twinks from hoboken? Chillax bro, sex work is hard, and the pressure you put on your body to attract men makes it exponentially harder. It isn’t about age, it is about experience. Relax for realz, 18 to 25 is the party set. Guys older don’t spend as much on booze and clubs. They grow up. It really isn’t too old for anything.’

2 ‘Honestly, I’ve received more attention after turning 30’

’26 is when a guy just starts getting his shit together.’

3 ‘If it is, I guess I was old when I came out’

‘Since that’s around when I did that. Somehow a life full of sex and relationships followed anyway.’

4 ‘I’m told 30 is when you’re dead – which in my opinion 30 is when guys start to look their best’

‘Also [they] are in a position I’d be more willing to date them. Screw age it’s a number. Take care of yourself and it won’t matter.’

5 ‘I think that’s a normal thing [to feel] regardless of sexuality and that it’s probably true for straight people too but with gay men we are a little more blatant about it’

‘Younger guys are always going to be more desirable superficially but honestly I think 26 is a great age to start looking at something a bit more serious, were you’ve learnt some social skills and maturity and you can handle having a more adult relationship or dating lifestyle, whatever that looks like that works for you.’


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