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This play explores five gay men’s chillout sex stories

This play explores five gay men’s chillout sex stories

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Long before the media hype, and even before the Chemsex documentary, Peter Darney’s play was premiering in the queer theatres of London.

Now years later it has international critical acclaim and a movie adaptation is in the pipeline.

Recently winning the best LGBT performance at Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe, and awards across the world the play is a global hit.

The verbatim play is put together with the testimony of 5 guys who went to chemsex parties. Designed to be a fly on the wall experience, as the narrative unfolds, the sex party ensues.

Watch this preview of the play as the author reflects on creating the show:

Darney’s play was inspired by a friend of his whose flat became a ’24/7 all days of the week sex party.’ It led to his friend getting really bad anxiety and depression.

He told GSN, at the time, ‘no-one was talking about it.’ So he set out to provoke a conversation.

Speaking about the criticisms of the play, he has seen all angles. They range from people upset he’s talking about the issue, to people saying he needed to go further with the subjects in the play.

In our interview with Darney one subject notes is a big issue at high and horny parties is consent:

‘Consent is something you have to give and be in the position to give. Going to a chillout doesn’t mean anyone can have sex with you. Or have sex with you if you pass out’

He like many of the contributors to this series notes that people aren’t reporting these assaults because ‘there is this feeling that you deserved it’ because of the fact you chose to go and get high.

Looking for support? 

If you want more information about rape, sexual assault or any of the issues in this article you may want to try some of these organizations:

Globally we have also compiled a list of LGBTI friendly organizations you may wish to seek help from.

This article is part of the Gay Star News Chemsex Series. Read more stories, support and see the videos on our chemsex section.

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