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50 Cent tweets death threat after someone photoshops him with rainbow teeth

50 Cent tweets death threat after someone photoshops him with rainbow teeth

Rapper 50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent just threatened people on the ‘internet’ after seeing a photoshopped photo of himself with rainbow hair and teeth.

The Candy Shop singer took to Twitter last night (27 August) to repost the photo and blow off some steam about it.

‘Who did this,’ he tweeted. ‘I want you niggas on the internet dead. Fuck everybody laughing at this shit.’

He also captioned the photo with ‘get the strap’ – a term he coined on Instagram to mean someone has ticked you off.

But the answer to 50 Cent’s question of who did the photoshop job was staring right at him.

In the top right hand corner, the picture is clearly tagged with photo credit: ‘MISTERMORRIS’

And if you follow through to the Twitter page of @mistermorris55, you can see the photo published a day ago.

Mystery solved.

Ja Rule calls 50 Cent a ‘power bottom’

Earlier this year, Ja Rule bizarrely called fellow rapper 50 Cent a ‘power bottom’ over Twitter.

In a series of tweets, Ja Rule called him a ‘tickle booty’.

Reigniting an almost 20 year-long feud, Ja Rule also tweeted: ‘I’m confused as to why ppl think 50 cent is tough?’

Then in a follow-up tweet, he says: ‘I really don’t see why ppl like 50 cent aka #Powerbottom he hates on any black man or woman having success… he hates on Diddy on Jay on Empire cmon how you beefing with Taraji??? #ticklebooty’

And in a later tweet: ‘Now I know why 50 cent named his show POWER… #Powerbottom #ticklebooty’

50 Cent did not respond to the tweets.


Update: 50 Cent responded to Gay Star News by posting a screenshot of the story to his Instagram page.

He wrote in the caption: ‘So now they’re saying I’m homophobic and making death threats because I joked about being mad at a picture of me as 69. what the fuck, I love gay people I get bitches to kiss each other all the time and I like it. Nah for real get the fuck outta here wit this. Get The Strap’