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6 adorable pics of LGBTI parents celebrating the holidays with their kids

6 adorable pics of LGBTI parents celebrating the holidays with their kids

Devon and Rob (also known as Dads Not Daddies) and their sons open presents

‘With three kids aged four and under, this is the first Christmas where all of them were aware of what Christmas and Santa Claus was about! We had a blast!’

Jose (nycgaydad) from New York City, pictured above with his three kids

‘Celebrating our first Christmas as a family of three was amazing. Watching Stella explore her new presents and being adored by all of our family was something we will never forget’

Joanna (J0anna_) from New Jersey, pictured above left with partner Mariah and daughter Stella


‘I spent Christmas Day in Hamburg at home with my family. I cooked for us and we sat under the tree playing taboo. My daughter’s team was winning. Happy kid – lucky me!’

Tanja (tanjavieth) pictured with her daughter

‘We spent the day playing with new toys, enjoying a hike in Phoenix, Arizona’s perfect weather and having an untraditional Christmas dinner at an Indian restaurant. We’re spending the rest of the break with Devon’s family in Southern Utah’

Devon and Rob (Dads Not Daddies) and their two sons

‘Celebrating Christmas all around Portland, Oregon with Mama and Mommie – we visited aunties, uncles and grandmas. Plus, we got spoiled silly by Santa!’

Jessica (jai_solomon) with her partner Saci and son Jai

‘After a long freezing cold day walking the streets in New York City with kids we finally made it to the top of the Rock. The View was incredible and we got to watch the sunset over the Hudson River and shine on the Empire State Building!’

Chris and Rob (2TravelDads) and their two sons shared their Christmas plans with Gay Star News in an interview earlier this month