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The 6 Eurovision contestants to watch at Semi-Final One

The 6 Eurovision contestants to watch at Semi-Final One

With a theme of #JoinUs, the 59th Eurovision Song Contest takes place this week in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The first semi-final, to determine the first ten qualifiers, will be held on Tuesday evening.

GSN were at last night’s rehearsal to give you a sneak preview of what to expect tonight as the competition intensifies.

The magnificent stage will ensure spectacular viewing for millions across the globe.

The opening video montage of the show starts with the famous Finland lesbian kiss. Later on, there is a special award to Verka Serduchka, the Ukrainian drag artiste who represented Ukraine in 2007.

Favorites Armenia and Sweden are in this semi-final and are expected to qualify with ease. Here is our look at some of the other countries challenging for a spot in the grand final on Saturday.


Latvian band Aarzemnieki has one of the quirkier entries of this year’s competition with their song Cake to Bake.

The lyrics initially seem overly simplistic, boasting of feats such as finding Atlantis and helping Sherlock Holmes. The chorus describes their inability to do a simple task like baking a cake, despite their heroic claims. All of this is their way of telling us we shouldn’t be too proud to ask for help.

The song is very easy to sing along to and despite large odds to qualify may well cook a surprise and make it to the final.


The Icelandic foursome Pollapönk are the most gay-friendly band in the competition with their song No Prejudice. The lyrics boast a strong message: Any kind of prejudice isn’t cool with them, as they  previously told us in an interview.

‘There are probably many reasons for prejudice,’ the band told GSN.

‘One reason is ignorance. Another reason is stupidity which is another form of ignorance. Hopefully LGBT Eurovision fans like it and the message of the lyric.’

We love Pollapönk!


The Tolmachevy Twins, Anastasia and Maria, represented Russia in the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and won the competition with their song A Spring Jazz. The girls admit that their task this time will be much harder and will be performing perched on opposite ends of a see-saw!

With Russia’s current political unrest and anti-gay policies, the twins have said they expect to get booed when on stage by the largely LGBT audience. Russia has never failed to qualify for the final…. could this be the year when that comes to an end?


Another country that has an enviable Eurovision track record is Azerbaijan, having never failed to reach the top 10 since their debut in 2008.

This time Dilara Kazimova will be singing Start a Fire as a trapeze artist does an astonishing routine behind her in front of a spectacular backdrop. Another final spot seems certain.


Ukraine was one of the first countries to select its song for 2014 and chose the catchy Tick-Tock by Mariya Yaremchuk in their National Final. Ukraine has qualified for the final every year since they first entered in 2003, winning once with Ruslana’s Wild Dances in 2004.

With five Top Five places already under their belt, they are expected to place very highly again and it is being suggested they will get plenty of sympathy votes across Europe with the ongoing Crimea crisis. Who says there are no politics in Eurovision?!

Not taking anything to chance, they also have a man running in a hamster wheel to capture our attention!

San Marino

Valentina Monetta is representing San Marino for the third consecutive year, having failed on both consecutive times to reach the final and last year narrowly missing out on a spot in the Saturday night show.

Maybe is a beautiful ballad. Surely this is her last chance to get San Marino into the final for the very first time.

Fingers crossed for Valentina that it’s third time lucky.