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6 sexy and inspiring views of Barcelona

6 sexy and inspiring views of Barcelona

With 260 days of sun, 300,000 motor scooters and 11,000 taxis in the city, Barcelona seems to do all the work for you whether you’re a visiting foodie, shopaholic, culture fiend or sun seeker.

Barcelona is a travel paradise with enough shopping, dining and cultural attractions to keep one occupied all year round.

While the tourist-laden avenue Las Ramblas and other attractions are not to be missed, we offer the LGBT traveler a few lesser-known suggestions, combined with tourist essentials, that offer truly iconic views of the Spanish city by the sea.

If you have your own suggestions for places with breathtaking views of and around the city, leave a comment or shout out on Gay Star Travel Facebook and Twitter.

Best view of the city: Montjuic

There’s arguably no better place to pluck yourself out of Barcelona’s streets and get a view from the top. Montjuic is a flat-top hill on the southwest corner of the city. At the summit, one can see the full scope of Barcelona’s classic and modern architecture.

From the Sagrada Familia church, to ‘Little Manhattan’ all the way to the W Hotel at Barceloneta, Montjuic is a beautiful spot to relax and get a great perspective of the city. The grounds of Montjuic have the Palao de San Jordi auditorium where Madonna and Rihanna have performed and the Olympic Pool where Kylie Minogue filmed her Slow music video. Good luck if you decide to ride your bike to the top.

Best view while brunching: H10 Gallery Hotel

A hotel so new, many locals aren’t aware it’s open, the H10 Gallery Hotel in Eixample will certainly become the staple venue for hip parties and upscale dining. The first floor lobby does its name justice, with a wide and open space perfectly complemented with contemporary furniture and art. The gallery-like lobby and greeting area leads to a high-walled private courtyard that resembles a Mediterranean castle more than an inner-city hotel.

Breakfast is included with hotel bookings, and taking your ‘all-you-can-jamon’ plates outside, your senses are immersed in a relaxed and chic experience that screams Barcelona.

Shower with the best view: Axel Hotel

Barcelona’s first ‘hetero-friendly’ hotel will welcome a new venue in the coming months. While the rooftop pool is THE spot for photo shoots and rendezvous (the panoramic view is not to be missed), many rooms feature a rainfall shower where the only thing between the bedroom and the shower is a glass wall.

Whether you prefer being the voyeur or exhibitionist, the Axel Hotel reinvents taking a shower into a steamy experience.