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60% of Americans will soon live in states with equal marriage

60% of Americans will soon live in states with equal marriage

Gay Pride in America

The Supreme Court has made history in the United States, with three in five Americans soon able to say they live in states that believe in equal marriage for all.

On Monday (6 October), the high court declined to hear appeals from give five states that were challenging lower court rulings legalizing same-sex marriage.

By doing so, same-sex marriage is now legal in Indiana, Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia and Wisconsin.

And incredibly, the ruling sets the stage for legalization in six other states.

Colorado, which falls under the lower courts’ jurisdiction, also has same-sex marriage after the state’s Attorney General John Suthers ordered all 64 counties begin issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.

The total population of all 30 states, based on 2013 estimates from the Census Bureau, is about 190 million.

This means just over 60% of the US population now lives in a state where same-sex marriage is legal, or will soon be legal.

Prior to the Supreme Court’s decision, this total was around 44%.

‘We are one country, with one Constitution, and the Court’s delay in affirming the freedom to marry nationwide prolongs the patchwork of state-to-state discrimination and the harms and indignity that the denial of marriage still inflicts on too many couples in too many places,’ said Freedom to Marry President Evan Wolfson, as reported by The Huffington Post.

‘As waves of freedom to marry litigation continue to surge, we will continue to press the urgency and make the case that America — all of America — is ready for the freedom to marry, and the Supreme Court should finish the job.’