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68% of Taiwan backs gay marriage

68% of Taiwan backs gay marriage

A poll released today found that 67.5 per cent of Taiwanese people support the legalization of gay marriage.

Pollster Online Survey polled 1,660 respondents aged 13 and above via mobile phone and email on 30 October.

It followed the previous week’s Taiwan Pride parade, which drew 70,000 people on to the streets to demand marriage equality.

The poll found that 22.4 per cent of respondents ‘strongly support’ and 45.1 per cent ‘somewhat support’ gay marriage, compared with 20.5 per who ‘somewhat did not support’ and 12 per cent who ‘strongly did not support’ it.

The results show a significant increase in support over a 2013 poll, which found that 54 per cent of Taiwanese people supported gay marriage.

Female respondents were are supportive than men, with 72.2 per cent of women saying they supported gay marriage, compared to 62.6 per cent of men.

The survey has a confidence level of 92 per cent and error margin of plus or minus 2.41 per cent.

A gay marriage bill passed its first reading in the Taiwanese parliament in October last year but anti-gay legislators have blocked further progress.

However, the new co-chair of the judiciary committee promised to put gay marriage on the agenda of this session of parliament.