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7 epic works from UK’s first-ever exhibit on iconic gay artist Keith Haring

7 epic works from UK’s first-ever exhibit on iconic gay artist Keith Haring

Ignorance = Fear, 1989 | Photos: All Haring Works copyright of Keith Haring Foundation

The first-ever institutional UK solo exhibition of the art of the late Keith Haring is to go in display in Liverpool next year.

The openly gay artist died of AIDS-related illness in 1990. He came to prominence in the 80s and was known for using his work to advocate for LGBTI issues.

He also explored drug addiction, HIV and AIDS awareness, capitalism and the environment in his work.

The number of works in the show will be 85, many of which haven’t been seen in the UK, including large-scale drawings and paintings plus archival documents, flyers, posters, video and photographs.

‘Keith Haring’ will take place from 14 June until 10 November 2019.

‘Haring’s work is always on the side of life’

Reflecting on Haring’s legacy, Cheryl Martin, a curator for Homotopia, a Liverpool based arts and social justice organisation, told Gay Star News: Keith Haring’s life-affirming, accessible, colour-popping images take me back to one of my earlier incarnations, when I reported on HIV and AIDS in the mid-80s. 

‘Haring’s work, bright and loud somehow even when in black and white, is always on the side of life, whether celebrating it or protesting those who diminish it.’

‘He truly believed that art was for everybody,’ Cheryl furthermore added. ‘Making sketches for anyone who asked. Creating chalk art in the New York subway. Opening a Pop Shop in 1986 selling T-shirts and buttons. 

‘That’s why his work still touches and resonates with us now. That’s the spirit that Homotopia wants to spread and continue.’