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7 super hot trans men and women who are proud to be pin-ups

The new wave of transgender advocates will have you thirsty for days

7 super hot trans men and women who are proud to be pin-ups
Paul Grace
Trans model Kieran Moloney.

Start the celebrations for International Trans Day of Visibility on 31 March with these seven hot models.

All of them are proud to have helped educate people about trans issues and to have raised awareness that its not just one kind of person who can be sexy.

Benjamin Melzer

Benjamin Melzer

Benjamin Melzer.

Melzer, 28, is a fitness model who became the first trans man to appear on the cover of the German edition of Men’s Health. A video of him talking about his childhood got 5million views and he has almost 50,000 Instagram followers.

‘Until I turned 18, I had no idea what was wrong with me. I had no knowledge about being trans or what it meant. Now I feel so happy, so “me”! Sometimes I can’t believe that this guy on the photo is really me.’

Evie Andrew

Evie Andrews

Evie Andrew.

A blogger based in Brighton, UK. She was part of the BBC’s Body Positive series, speaking frankly about her transition, and of the What It’s Like Being Transgender videos.

‘I went from having no confidence at all at the beginning of my transition, like panicking to go out in public type of anxiety, to taking part in something like this. That’s a long way to come in a year.

‘I love my body, I’ve worked at looking healthy, it’s how I’ve always wanted to look! I’m proud enough of my body to choose to be standing in front of you posing like a diva. So if you like what you see, admire away!’

Captain Hannah Winterbourne

Hannah Winterbourne

Hannah Winterbourne.

The highest-ranking transgender officer in the British Army, and Transgender Representative for the army. She has appeared in national newspapers and has talked about her story on national TV.

‘I wouldn’t describe myself as a pin-up per se, but I have been allowed to share my personal story and I hope that in some small way I have helped others.

‘When you are transgender, you body is more scrutinized by the general public. But hopefully I am showing people that appearance isn’t everything and that there is so much more to me (and to everyone else) than the way I look.’

Kieran Damien Moloney

Kieran Damien Moloney

Kieran Damien Moloney.

Having started his transition at a young age, Moloney survived a transphobic attack at 16 which left him hospitalized, and, determined that no one would ever hurt him physically again. The New Zealander began bodybuilding to align his body with his gender. An avid YouTuber, he gives advice, diet and fitness plans to help other young trans people feel comfortable in their bodies.

‘Educating and understanding would never come if we all kept quiet.

‘Never, ever did I think that I would be where I am now. The plan was to live as “stealth” and under the radar as possible. But clearly life had other plans for me. The world sees a great body, but beyond the body is someone who for once is actually at peace and comfortable in showing that body.

‘I don’t see myself as a sex symbol, my fiancé doesn’t see me as a sex symbol, but we do have a laugh from time to time with some of the comments that come up.’

Laith Ashley

Laith Ashley

Laith Ashley.

A Brooklyn-based model and trans activist, Ashley recently went viral across the internet with his hot and rather revealing black and white shots, widely daubed as ‘one of the most beautiful men alive’, and gaining a huge Instagram following. He was one of the stars of 2016’s New York Fashion Week.

‘At first, I had my reservations, but people are going to sensationalize our [trans individuals’] bodies and I am proud of my body, and the work it took to get where I am. It’s great I, alongside others, get to show the world that you can be of trans experience and still be sexy.

‘Visibility helps everyone. Putting a face on a group that is unknown to most helps to bridge that gap, and promotes understanding, while dismantling fear and misconception.’

Monroe Bergdorf

Monroe Bergdorf

Monroe Bergdorf.

Bergdorf is a London based DJ, model, proud feminist and trans activist, who this month became the first trans woman to model for Uniqlo, and is now one of the faces of their current Uniqlo 331 campaign.

‘It was so surreal seeing myself on a billboard in Oxford Circus. I like that public perceptions of beauty are changing and people are more mindful of diversity. We should celebrate all bodies, genders, skin tones and walks of life. Our beauty lies in our differences.

‘I like to think of myself as a sexually empowered woman, I enjoy sex, I enjoy feeling sexy and I don’t mind if people admire that. There’s a big difference between admiring a body and fetishizing a body.’

Jake Graf

Jake Graf.

Jake Graf.

I am a writer and director based in London and was asked by GSN’s editor to include myself in this piece. My films have appeared at LGBTI film festivals around the world while I have also written for GNI, QX and FTM Magazines, as well as Cosmopolitan online. I have just completed my fifth short film, Dawn, as writer/director and continue to be an active trans advocate.

I am proud of having turned my back on the incredibly destructive lifestyle I lived pre transition, which very nearly killed me. On a lighter note, I am proud that I have created three award-winning films, visited The White House, appeared on six magazine covers, and that I am now able to inspire other young trans guys.

Aside from my friends all taking the piss and my mother being a bit shocked, I would be lying if I said modeling didn’t make me feel good.

Find more photos of trans models on photographer Paul Grace’s site.

Trans models.

Group shot: Trans models line up.

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    All beautiful! But where is Aydian Dowling? That man is fit!!

    Anya Shapina says:

    Strong gorgous people, inspiring stories. Power with you guys and girls!

    Amy Rogerson says:

    Ignore the folks that are negative. You’ve work hard; each in you’re own right. Never ever let some “genius” crap on your parade

    Sarah Tully says:

    what a gorgeous group of people!!

    wonderful, these young people have found thier true identity and are proud of it, they are working to help others who are in the transitonal phases of their lives and setting as wonderful example

    Luis A. Diaz says:

    I am amaized! Love you all!!!

    Ryan Temple says:

    Them guys are hot. I’d date all three of them, and take the girls out for cocktails. Stunning �

    Beautiful gorgeous humans �

    William King says:

    Amazing looking both men and women!!

    How come trans women can have body more hairy than me born naturaly man. It is suck.

    Imagine when these trans men and women walk into the North Carolina bathroom of the gender on their birth certificates. The “perv police” would have a hell of a time – how do they prove these people are in the “right” bathroom?

    so your telling me that those guys were once girls? such amazing transformation! love it!!!

    John Benoot says:

    What can I say. …���

    Thom Bray says:

    interesting that the men are the ones who are going shirtless and wearing shorts/tight pants, and the women are all dressed kind of modestly?

    Wow just wow is all I can say xx

    Im so proud about all you!!!!! A Big Hug for each of you!!!! From San Felipe, Baja California México. Sincerally KING ALBERT.

    Tom Anderson says:

    So the trans men have vaginas? And the trans women still have balls and a dick? Sorry, biological males are still males, no matter what gender they may claim. And trans women are still women, even if they lop off their male bits. Biology is destiny.

    No, trans MEN have dick n balls, trans WOMEN have vaginas. Btw, have you ever considered hermaphrodites? Who determines what they are?

    Lloyd Copper says:

    I’m glad they’re happy but I would never be with a trans person. I’m sorry I just find it weird

    So how would you know if they are trans or not unless they told you? Post op trans women have the exact same equipment as cisgender women do. You can’t always tell by looks. My best friend is a transwoman n I was her friend for 3 years before I found out she is trans. I’ve seen her stark naked n everything.

    I applaud these beautiful people. They are just being who they identify themselves as. It would be wrong if they hid their transgender from a partner, that would be hurtful. But they’re not hurting anyone and deserve the human right to use the bathroom that they identify with. There is no harm or threat. No sexual predators are going to wear a dress to gain access to raping anyone. It’s just the right to use the toilet. Nothing else.

    Remrie Arrie says:

    Media coverage that paints us in a positive light rather than some comical stereotype of whe are expected to be (typically portrayed as drag-queen-like creatures of the night) is always refreshing. The more we are recognized for our identities rather than our inadequacies, the better.

    Karen Dorans says:

    some people need to look at themselfs before making coments about other people every lgbt should be comftable in there own skin and feel safe and not be critisised

    Karen Dorans says:

    wow there men and women are beautiful in there own way

    S.T. Shimi says:

    I am here for all of it and all of you <3

    Ashley Hoff says:

    Great start to the list, but the list goes on. To that I would add the Bay area’s own Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler, filmmaker, writer and activist. Look him up! Hot, yes, intelligent, well-spoken, and a force to be reckoned with in the socio-political arena. Bravo (and brava) to all the examples mentioned above and all those equally deserving of inclusion on the list.

    All of them are fucking beautiful. Wow, such good looking trans 😀

    Gina Morvay says:

    According to the Gay Star News: Attractive = young and cisnormative looking.

    Lily Hendron says:

    I feel bad for objectifying them. but… soo pretty.

    Holly Shit, they’re so gorgeous ❤

    Mikey Burger says:

    phoebe’s right but also laith ashley is the hottest man alive

    Kieran Damien Moloney… call me!

    Jane Smith says:

    Woo. More support of cis normative trans people who are attractive by fucked up patriarchal standards.

    Wooo more insufferable prick. Please take 3h to think before posting this amount of bullshit Jane Smith

    Looking cis doesn’t make you cisnormative.

    Gosh as a fellow Transwoman it is so wonderful to see this

    It’s amazing the stuff they can do these days. Not my cup o’ tea but still pretty amazing. I wouldn’t know the original gender of any of these people if I met them without knowing beforehand. I wonder if all of the horemones hurt them at all? hope not.

    I will echo Joshua here in that yes as a gay male I identify as male still. That means I’m cis-gendered and such I do remain separate from the challenges that trans-gendered people face. It is wonderful that we are all learning here and I think it’s great that Kurt saw an opportunity to learn and accept people and took it, that’s how everyone should be.

    Angelique Bella Devereaux – Interesting, thanks for the feedback. I’ve never really known or had any experience with LGBT folks until my kid brought some of his gay friends to the house. He’s not gay but has friends that are. It’s quite a bit different than my expectations. They were all very good young folks and my wife and I still enjoy their visits. We have found rhat if you look beyond the stereotypes they’re all just folks with different strokes. Hey, have an awesome life.

    People who are transgender and need (not all transfolk need it for their health) HRT (hormone replacement therapy) has been shown medically that it drastically improves their health and quality of life. I’m much less familiar with the changes for men who are transgender who go through it but i am intimately familiar with women who are transgender and transition and the effects it has on their body. Now all of these effects will not necessarily happen to all people to the same degree, so please bear that in mind. The estrogen and the anti-androgens (the medicine to help block testosterone) have various effects the positive has to do with their body achieving the healthy balance of what it is supposed to be for them as well as the physical changes of changing locationas of fat deposits and development of secondary characteristics, such as breast growth. Which in both cases help the image of who we actually are and our physical body begin to match together. The cons, which those of us who need HRT often happily pay, is we need to pay attention to our diet because our bodies have a harder time getting rid of potassium. The muscle mass also is harder to build up in many cases, even harder than it can be for cis women, so women who are transgender (and undergo HRT) who are in physical activities (such as Ms Fallon Fox in MMA ) need to work much harder to be able to keep their bodies in top condition. Sometimes the limiting or elimination of caffeine and nicotine since both can slow the rate at which the body absorbs estrogen (which i have witnessed first hand with a friend of mine). All in all for those of us that need the HRT it is a small price to pay for our body to begin to reflect our true selves.

    Phoebe Queen says:

    Holy fuck this is some seriously tokenizing offensive bullshit

    Phoebe Queen Now that you’ve looked at it from YOUR point of view, look at it from THEIR point of view. It’s about THEM, not YOU!

    Angelique Bella Devereaux well said just want to live a normal life as the woman i always was and i do, sorry if that offends other transgender people

    Thom Bray I was on their side until the “old” people card came out and totally went against them Why do “young” people assume old people are against everything? If it wasn’t for us old people alone of these young ins wiukdnt have the freedom they do now and as a 51yo gay man I found their comment quite offensive

    William King says:

    Why offensive! Only offensive thing is your lack of acceptance

    Thom Bray says:

    Phoebe Queen I’m a 51 year old gay man and I’ve been out since I was 18. I can tell you your comments are not revelatory (not trying to diminish them, hear me out) – for as long as i can remember there have always been parts of the gay/lgbtq2s+ community who have rallied around the belief that we should not assimilate with the “straight” ideology of a “normal” existance. There were those who vehemently fought against the right for same sex couples to marry, again because it smacked of assimilation. if I’ve learned anything over the past 30+ years of living through all the changes our community has gone through, it’s basically that you need to do what makes you happy and as long as you’re not hurting anyone or impeding on their happiness, just live and let live – it’s a much happier existance. Edit – aaaaand I just noticed you made your comment 6+ months ago…

    I see what you’re saying. I think it’s wonderful that these men and women were able to face their challenges and become who they really are, but the fact is that most trans gendered people won’t have the opportunity, acceptance or money to fully accomplish their transition. There is a lot that still needs to be done. The article should have still given everyone the admiration they deserve but framed it better in establishing that the trans community by and large still has major challenges.

    Levin Lam says:

    only applying the sugar coating to cover up your butthurt ass piled stiff with sour grapes when u dont have what they hv worked hard to achieve? they dont need fake sugar from the likes of u that can give them diabetes

    Noel Guerra says:

    I thought I was the only one who saw this article that way. Why? Because someone wants acceptance from the crowd that never accepts anyone, that brandishes crosses yet shits on their Ten Commandments, cynical war monging haters who know how to double speak and use the halo for their own agenda? You all are so much better than the people you seek acceptance from.

    Phoebe Queen – Well, have a good, pissed off, terminally outraged life then.

    Phoebe Queen says:

    Old people whining about how young people don’t know they’re born is one of the most reliable traditions in intergenerational relations through, roughly, every century we have documentary evidence of. You’ll forgive me for not being too worried about the suggestion that if I don’t stop criticising things people might continue that tradition. Also, I’m 32, I was never much of a fan of respectability politics, I don’t intend to start now.

    Phoebe Queen – Be more selective with your outrage. You risk becoming a stereotype. Lamenting the sensitivities of millennials and their ease of being offended is a growing trend. Don’t risks putting many real things of outrage in the cleche’ department with the trivial stuff.

    Lori Stewart says:

    Phoebe Queen Very well said Phoebe, but I think you are facing an uphill battle. Pretty sells.

    It is not a bad thing and I dont think it is wrong to want to look nice I live in the south and trans people are protrayed as Buffalo Bill from silence of the lambs that is whats offensive

    Phoebe Queen says:

    Angelique Bella Devereaux I don’t want to tear down these models at all, in any way shape or form. My issue is with the framing of this article and nothing else. I’m sure these people are great. I don’t know them, I have nothing against them. I wish them all the best.

    Phoebe Queen My honest opinion of your post is I understand what you mean but at the same time it comes across as very offensive to people who do work hard and are able to achieve what these people have. Yes not all of us can do so because of various factors but that in no way means we should tear down those that can or are able to. Yes there needs to be much more coverage for people who can’t yet or are unable to, or have no desire to look like a cis-person. There needs to be a much greater effort both within the community and outside of it to accept and be inclusive of those who are still transitioning, those who aren’t able to pass and those who don’t want to. To focus on the fact that we are all human beings and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Tearing down one group or another is not how we accomplish this, this was a great piece no it cannot do everything in regards to talking about/bringing light to various concerns but that was not the point of it. The poing was showing a number of examples of people who are transgender attaining the bodies that they want for themselves.

    Phoebe Queen says:

    Krystal Cassadine largely it seems like the whole point of this thing is how cis some trans people can look, and conflating that sort of assimilation with “activism”. Trans people have had a lot of attention the last couple of years and it’s all been centered around cis people’s feel-good. It feels like trans people being presented like some sort of magic trick, where people can pat themselves on the back for finding us “hot” to the extent that we pass for cis. Hope that clears up what I meant.

    how is it tokenizing and offensive? serious question. not trying to start anything. i genuinely want to know what it offensive about this.

    Amazing. All these people are just BEAUTIFUL.