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7 super hot trans men and women who are proud to be pin-ups

7 super hot trans men and women who are proud to be pin-ups

Kieran Moloney.

Start the celebrations for International Trans Day of Visibility on 31 March with these seven hot models.

All of them are proud to have helped educate people about trans issues and to have raised awareness that its not just one kind of person who can be sexy.

Benjamin Melzer

Benjamin Melzer
Benjamin Melzer.

Melzer, 28, is a fitness model who became the first trans man to appear on the cover of the German edition of Men’s Health. A video of him talking about his childhood got 5million views and he has almost 50,000 Instagram followers.

‘Until I turned 18, I had no idea what was wrong with me. I had no knowledge about being trans or what it meant. Now I feel so happy, so “me”! Sometimes I can’t believe that this guy on the photo is really me.’

Evie Andrew

Evie Andrews
Evie Andrew.

A blogger based in Brighton, UK. She was part of the BBC’s Body Positive series, speaking frankly about her transition, and of the What It’s Like Being Transgender videos.

‘I went from having no confidence at all at the beginning of my transition, like panicking to go out in public type of anxiety, to taking part in something like this. That’s a long way to come in a year.

‘I love my body, I’ve worked at looking healthy, it’s how I’ve always wanted to look! I’m proud enough of my body to choose to be standing in front of you posing like a diva. So if you like what you see, admire away!’

Captain Hannah Winterbourne

Hannah Winterbourne
Hannah Winterbourne.

The highest-ranking transgender officer in the British Army, and Transgender Representative for the army. She has appeared in national newspapers and has talked about her story on national TV.

‘I wouldn’t describe myself as a pin-up per se, but I have been allowed to share my personal story and I hope that in some small way I have helped others.

‘When you are transgender, you body is more scrutinized by the general public. But hopefully I am showing people that appearance isn’t everything and that there is so much more to me (and to everyone else) than the way I look.’

Kieran Damien Moloney

Kieran Damien Moloney
Kieran Damien Moloney.

Having started his transition at a young age, Moloney survived a transphobic attack at 16 which left him hospitalized, and, determined that no one would ever hurt him physically again. The New Zealander began bodybuilding to align his body with his gender. An avid YouTuber, he gives advice, diet and fitness plans to help other young trans people feel comfortable in their bodies.

‘Educating and understanding would never come if we all kept quiet.

‘Never, ever did I think that I would be where I am now. The plan was to live as “stealth” and under the radar as possible. But clearly life had other plans for me. The world sees a great body, but beyond the body is someone who for once is actually at peace and comfortable in showing that body.

‘I don’t see myself as a sex symbol, my fiancé doesn’t see me as a sex symbol, but we do have a laugh from time to time with some of the comments that come up.’

Laith Ashley

Laith Ashley
Laith Ashley.

A Brooklyn-based model and trans activist, Ashley recently went viral across the internet with his hot and rather revealing black and white shots, widely daubed as ‘one of the most beautiful men alive’, and gaining a huge Instagram following. He was one of the stars of 2016’s New York Fashion Week.

‘At first, I had my reservations, but people are going to sensationalize our [trans individuals’] bodies and I am proud of my body, and the work it took to get where I am. It’s great I, alongside others, get to show the world that you can be of trans experience and still be sexy.

‘Visibility helps everyone. Putting a face on a group that is unknown to most helps to bridge that gap, and promotes understanding, while dismantling fear and misconception.’

Monroe Bergdorf

Monroe Bergdorf
Monroe Bergdorf.

Bergdorf is a London based DJ, model, proud feminist and trans activist, who this month became the first trans woman to model for Uniqlo, and is now one of the faces of their current Uniqlo 331 campaign.

‘It was so surreal seeing myself on a billboard in Oxford Circus. I like that public perceptions of beauty are changing and people are more mindful of diversity. We should celebrate all bodies, genders, skin tones and walks of life. Our beauty lies in our differences.

‘I like to think of myself as a sexually empowered woman, I enjoy sex, I enjoy feeling sexy and I don’t mind if people admire that. There’s a big difference between admiring a body and fetishizing a body.’

Jake Graf

Jake Graf.
Jake Graf.

I am a writer and director based in London and was asked by GSN’s editor to include myself in this piece. My films have appeared at LGBTI film festivals around the world while I have also written for GNI, QX and FTM Magazines, as well as Cosmopolitan online. I have just completed my fifth short film, Dawn, as writer/director and continue to be an active trans advocate.

I am proud of having turned my back on the incredibly destructive lifestyle I lived pre transition, which very nearly killed me. On a lighter note, I am proud that I have created three award-winning films, visited The White House, appeared on six magazine covers, and that I am now able to inspire other young trans guys.

Aside from my friends all taking the piss and my mother being a bit shocked, I would be lying if I said modeling didn’t make me feel good.

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Trans models.
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