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7 winter wonderlands we want to spend Christmas in

7 winter wonderlands we want to spend Christmas in

Spending Christmas in your mother country is generally a given – but who wouldn’t hop in Santa’s sleigh for the chance to enjoy Christmas among one of these lovely landscapes? From ice-skating in Boston to dog-sledding in Sweden, we count down 7 of the most Christmassy places on earth…

1 Iceland
Centuries of volcanic activity have rendered much of Iceland’s jagged natural landscape inhospitable – and breathtakingly magical. We’re fascinated by the ’13 Yule lads’ – not festive-themed porn, believe it or not, but Iceland’s answer to Santa Claus.


2 Finland
Apparently there are 34,567 reindeer in Finnish Lapland – which is rather astonishing when you consider there are only 56,789 people.


3 Sweden
GSN’s Jean Paul Zapata visited the ICEHOTEL in northern Sweden back in October, where he received a baptism of fire in dog-sledding – the perfect way to enjoy the frozen landscape and the Northern Lights.


4 Aspen
As Colorado’s most Christmassy city, December is Aspen’s busiest season – particularly with celebs. A skier’s paradise, this mountaintop town boasts exquisite views.


5 Quebec City
Quebec City’s gorgeously quaint architecture – European-inspired and dating back to the 16th century – looks even lovelier beneath a sprinkling of snow. The city is renowned for its lights and decorations during the holidays, lending streets such as the Rue Du Petit Champlain [pictured] added magic.


6 Boston
A curveball maybe, but there’s something about beautiful Boston and its year-round good cheer that makes us curious to spend Christmas there. The city’s stunning official tree is found on Boston Common, and is traditionally a gift from the government of Nova Scotia in Canada.

Boston 5.

7 Alaska
Alaska is the northernmost of all the United States, and at the time of writing, the city of Barrow was a chilly -23. Santa would approve! Now, who’s for a dog sledding glacier tour?


Photos: Antti Saraja (Lapland), Staffan Widstrand/ (Sweden), Matt Inden/Miles (Aspen), Bjørn Jørgensen and Anders Gjengedal (Norway), Chris McLennan (Alaska)